Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boti Kebab...

This is the end...
the end of the innocence...well no...the end of evil.(as if I fought and Won the battle of good over evil..sic!)..the fact that I did not eat meat for almost 10 days...MAN!
Hey ,its not just me...sweet child o'mine just picked and dropped the lids of the dishes at every meal....
AGAIN! "Why do you need to fast?","Why cant I eat ?","Why must I be tortured?","Cant you make any thing else?", Oh and now-"What will you blog about?" the new addition to his list of cribs and complaints.
Time to make him happy...
Well we did that Wednesday night.
And happiness brings groggy children to the edge of never wanting to sleep.
Yes, I know ,that too creates a problem!
Basic mutton boti kebabs...."Boti"....small piece of flesh...remember the dialogue...was it Dharmender Paaji?..."teri boti boti kar ke kutton ko khila dunga"...
you want melodrama?Bollywood will provide that to you.
Baking provides us with all the melodrama in our house...not for us the use of a conventional oven,or a microwave with endless options and auto cook or even the electric tandoor,No we must first go through the rigmarole of loading the barbecue with the wood and then wait for the flames and smoke to die down...and only then we must cook....
You get a basic idea now,but the entire exercise is often more fun...and the food is then Dramatic....
The only tedious bit is the wait ,from the marinating to the cooking.
Again we start at the very there is neither the chicken nor the egg,but lo and behold ,a RAW Papaya.
Totally raw,I used a two square inch piece for 450 gms of boneless lamb boti.And so the story continues...

for the
Boti  Kebab...

you need

450 gms boneless lamb pieces cut into 1 inch pieces (make sure you remove all the white skin and membranes from the pieces)
2 inch x 2 inch piece of raw papaya
2 -3 tsp mustard oil or refined vegetable oil if you don't have access to any mustard oil
5-6 green chillies
1 inch piece ginger
7-8 cloves garlic.
salt,red chili powder to taste
1 tsp garam masala or  Tandoori chicken masala powder

Peel the  papaya and cut out the required pieces.The remaining,well I pulverized and froze in batches in zip lock pouches for another batch of kebabs,for another day.If you want to, you can grate the papaya and eat it as a salad,with peanuts and lemon juice-Thai style.....but with meat around...I'm sure your teeth do not want to be tricked!
That's the amount of aromatics I can use more or less of chillies...but don't increase the ginger or garlic-does nothing for the flavour.
Into the mixer with a couple of teaspoons of water and the mustard oil.No cream here,Lamb needs strong treatment ...cream is for namby pamby softies.

I also added a teaspoon of Tandoori chicken masala,but  garam masala will do.All you need are the spices.

That's the blended paste of the papaya,green chillies,ginger and garlic,with the oil.

OK ,well mixed and now seasoned,with salt and red chili powder.

mixed well,and left for a couple of hours.Then began the drama of the barbecue and the embers and all that blah....
Since all the grilling and barbecuing takes place in our backyard where light is at its minimum....the pictures all turn out hazy.
Hubby dear likes to focus on the food!
These are the kebabs on the skewer....which was greased and  then the pieces of meat were threaded.

And now grilled and basted twice with the marinade till the boti's were done.

To perfection....

Served with Sliced onion and quarters of lemon and green mint chutney.
This was the last plate ,so there was no chutney left to photograph.
If you don't have a barbecue or a roasting pit,use your oven.And the flavour of the charcoal and the fire??
That comes from here...The Cheat Codes.
Way back these were called "Farras"....Those of you from Delhi university will be able to find the co-relation....those not,will never do.
Whichever university you graduated from,if you love your will love the Boti Kebabs...Anytime,anywhere..

Next on line is a replica of "Sindhi Ke Tikke".All those with little Kebab joints in their neighbourhood will identify with them.My version is inspired by the "Sindhi Ke Tikke" made in a little hole in the wall joint in Shalimar Bagh,Delhi.

So if you have kebabs leftover,(I hope not)Freeze them.....
Till next time..
Adios Amigos....

(Cheesy,quite Javed Jaffery Style...but,why not?)

So what are you baking today???


Subroto said...

I've been drooling my way past these blog posts. Will be trying out the recipes. I like how you've made them simple to follow and backed the instructions up with the photos.

Sweet said...

hey subroto thanks for visiting...meat grilling is always fun and tastes wonderful...try it cheers!

Until the next

Until the next


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