Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mascarpone Cheese- Home Made

Mascarpone Cheese…every time I saw Nigella Lawson use that in her luscious and delectable desserts…the only thought that crossed my mind…I’m in the wrong part of the world.

The Tiramisu -the focus of my attention...for the longest time!

Even a metropolitan city would do – but then occupational hazards play a vital,vital role here!
No point in ruing and ruing some more.
Research. Did you know that the Internet makes your IQ higher and that everything that is new makes you run to the computer. Info courtesy .Times of India..Sunday Times.

Then…voila..I found the goddess of all answers. Vera whatzername…with an obsession that she has channelized beautifully.

And she had homemade mascarpone…the relief and the bliss that that page made me feel…I cant describe.
Followed to the tee…only we have either non dairy cream or UHT cream here…and she said NO UHT.
No choice,but if you are lucky do what she says….
So easy ,that you’ll never want to pay the bombed earth for a tub of 200 gms of mascarpone from a gourmet food shop ever.

For the

Mascarpone Chesse- Home made...

You need A truck load of patience

600 mils cream
1 tbsp lemon juice.

Double boiler needed. A big sauce pan and a smaller bowl…stainless steel. Glass is a complete failure here so a normal steel patila works well

Opened out the three tetra packs of Amul cream at 25% fat and emptied them of every single drop.

Now on the pan and let the water simmer,ensure you stir right through the procedure.

Now when  the cream starts simmering-you’ll see the bubbles on the sides of the pan ,keep stirring and add the lemon juice.

At a very low flame,keep stirring for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile line a sieve with a thick cheesecloth and a pan under it.
Pour the cream mix into the cheesecloth and let the whey drain out.

After a couple of hours remove the cheese from the cloth and store in a covered container  and refrigerate. I tpped it with some cling film -just in case!

You can of course ,taste the mascarpone in the process…

The mascarpone firms up on chilling. Before using it the next day we had to slightly nuke it.
The next step is of course the tiramisu…and we made it egg less.
two over the minute we set it ,the other...after 24 wonder its on the WANTED list every where.
Hindustani Touch...not very good at henna patterns ,but could not resist...
still in the spring form tin...recipe coming up ASAP!
This time that we spend together ,women and kids…is sure to cement friendships…and to try these out both Kanchan and Ritu are going to make the same pud for a dinner party…
 And another variation...with strawberry crush and chocolate sponge...

Too pink...but the taste was AWESOME!
recipe coming up....
Go ahead,bake with your family and friends...some day you may thank me for it.

So what are you baking today???


Vinit said...

I followed link from Vera's page to land here :) that cheese is looking delicious, can't wait to try one now.
Looks like my tiramisu is reachable now :) mascarpone cheese is almost 200Rs/100gms here in Pune :)
Shall post my pics very very soon :)

Vinit said...

I have 1 question though, please correct me if I am wrong.
So you have to place cheese cloth on the sieve and then put sieve on some bowl (to collect liquid) and store in fridge. Am I correct? I don't need to hang it either is it?

Sweet said...

hi vineet...the mascarpone tasted fresher than the one that u buy from a hypermart. tiramisu and any dessert is totally try it out. I poured the cheese onto a thick cheesecloth...not muslin but a regular cotton kitchen towel. let it drain,covered with cling film around 3 and a half hours. then removed it from the cloth and placed in a tupperware container and refridgerated it overnight.
try it out...and do let me know..

Vinit said...

Thanks for the input :)
posting it very soon.

Vinit said...

Hi shalini, have a look at my blog. Finally I made it :)

Anonymous said...

where do you get mascarpone in pune.this qn bought me to this web page, will definately try this looks easy.. but still want to know if we get mascarpone in pune

Sweet said...

hey...thanx for stopping by...and I hope u get the mascarpone right this way...sorry cant help u with pune...

Until the next

Until the next


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