Monday, December 2, 2013

Beetroot in all its glory- buttermilk ,Chaas or Lassi.

Sun shine and a lazy winter Sunday morning...
The prospect of three holidays-today being the first after a hard days work...its been three weeks for head banging, back breaking, throat scratching organisational miracle that all 800 children got on and off the stage without breaking their teeth or bones...
Two holidays are small compensation, but compensation nonetheless...
Lazy hazy day today...
Watching the parrots and pigeons and squirrels fight over a bowl full of Bird seed and watching the veggies grow in my farmville-esque patch...
Its beetroot time.

Beets  in all meals and now In yogurt.
Beetroot buttermilk or Chaas or lassi.
Purely organic and fresh from my veggie patch...
This is healthy to the extent of an overload.  You may dilute the beetroot puree with as much or as less yogurt as you desire. ..

For the

Beetroot in all its glory- buttermilk ,Chaas or Lassi 

You need

1 medium sized beetroot
1-2 cups of yogurt
1 inch piece ginger
2-3 cups of water
1 clove garlic
1 green chilli
Salt to taste. .I used black salt

For the tempering
1/2 tsp olive or canola oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaves
1 tsp chopped cashew nuts

 Wash the beetroot properly to remove all sand and dirt. Slice off the residue or the leaves and stab the beetroot a couple of times with a paring knife...
Baby, will it bleed or what. ..
Fresh out of the earth and just washed.
Don't bandage it yet. ...just pop it in to the microwave at full power for 5 to 7 minutes.
After it has bled some more on your plate allow it to rest in peace till it cools.
Prepare for the funeral. ..this backseat commentary came from the blood and gore loving sweet child.
Once the beetroot is cool you can peel off the outer skin and chop it roughly.

Place the pieces in your blender with the yogurt,ginger, garlic and the chili and season with the salt .
Blend this with the help of some of the water. Taste and add more water and or yogurt to your taste.
Strain through a soup strainer into a jug or a punch bowl.
In a small sauce pan or a tadka pan , heat the oil and let it smoke lightly add in the mustard seeds and let them pop,add in the curry leaves and the cashew nuts in quick succession.
Pour over the beetroot Chaas and allow the tempering to seep in and the flavours to merge. ..
If you intend drinking it in the sunshine. can chill this or else have it warm...
Remember to share this with someone. ..too much of good red healthy stuff will make you wonder when you get off yhe thunder box or pot... in the morning...

Next, I'm planning to bake the beetroot in a cake Red Velvet the real way...

So what are you baking today???. 


curious said...

Tried this for a ge-ttogether today.....Yummmm!!! is the word.

Sweet said...

Hi curious. .glad that you liked it...try our more stuff. ..Thanks for visiting baketitude

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