Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pehla Pyaar with my smartphone

My first love and my first crush are probably centuries old by now. As I see  a few grey hairs peeping out through my always bed head hair ,I wonder at t he wonder years.
They're quite far away yonder by now.
Antiquity seems more me.
Please don't go by statistics and especially age related statistics only. I am very tech savvy!
I fell In love with my PC first ...it was love at first site (sight) with farmville first. That was the most fun I had with the mouse. Otherwise my mission on catching sight of a mouse would only be "catch it".
And then I began reading blogs and my love for blogging began.
And then I bought my first smartphone.
Life just changed.
It just metamorphoses.
I was fighting for my phone because all of a sudden sweet child knew more than me  and he was " teaching " me . My teachers genes revolted.
So in the dead of the night ,under the quilt ,I fell dealer in love with my smartphone.
So much in love that it is an extension of my hand.
I am now hooked to Pinterest and twitter and Instagram and all silly games thanks to my smartphone.
The generation gap between me and my phone is too less ,I need to start afresh.

 I want to #ChooseToStart with a brand new Moto E .
Almost like a new relationship. The excitement of using a super fast processing speed and an Android Lolipop(why are they given these juvenile names???? ).  Ok its 4.4.4 kit kat right now but will be lolipop 5.0 .Working this little magic machine that dances to my finger tips.
Its cheap at the price of the basic kindle. So I plan to read and read and read.
And blog .
And take pics while I bake and create.
And post these pics and format them and edit text and also write for these inane contests once every while.
And allow the keyboard prompts to prompt me just like a teleprompter.
I #ChooseToStart a better and more efficient life  with  Moto E.
I want it to be a part of me.
So that it feels naturally me.
I #ChooseToStart with Moto E.
I'm going to make it my Pehla Pyar again.
Do you???

Snack Attack with Kellogg's

I'm Shalu.
The cook ,the baker ,the terrific hostess(if I may say so - blush blush) ,the mixologist ,the snack maker etc.
Yes...the lady in the advertisement is also Shalu.
And I want to go to their home for a little nashta.
Snack attack,considering that I have been surviving on only cornflakes and leftover Chocos and long life UHT milk for the last three days...its totally need based here. 
Need to use up !
Need to not cook!
Need to feel the comforting crunch of the crisp cornflakes against the thick sludge like homogenised milk in my mouth!
If you have been following my blog ,you will be aware that I am process of relocating. And no matter how romantic a new city sounds ,the woman is usually the one to do the dogs work. So I am all packing and swearing to my self that these are the last clothes I will buy for years and I will never buy any more shoes or books or whatever...(these promises are always  like new year resolutions. They stay only as long as the hangover lasts.)
So now you know why my baketitude has been in slumber for the last few weeks.
I am so dying for someone to offfer me some spicy ,tangy,saucy,crispy,yummy,mouthwatering hors d'ouevres or something -to be a little Desi ,some nashta. A little snack to fill me up when I am just a wee bit peckish.
I went through the advertisements on you tube and its just the right time for  little munch. What attracts me to that awesome colorful kitchen is the smiles on the faces of those who are munching away on the healthy goodness of Kellogg's cornflakes.
I want to start with the fruity yogurt cup. I love my dessert first - before my meal. What if a meteor falls and destroys the earth before I get a chance to feed my sweet tooth? God forbid!
So sweet yogurt in vanilla heaven it will be .
I love the idea of the Kellogg's Coconut Cornflakes laddoo. Sweet and delicate ,the flavors of sugar doused coconut and cornflakes. Did I say heaven before?
God...this is going to be death by cornflakes....
Choco walnut muffins!!
And there is jelly shake ...and peach cornflakes...
A sweet cornflakes overdose...
This dessert course is going to be so soul satisfying that there will be no space left for anything else.
But wait... When does a good metabolism come in handy.
The best way to go....stuff your tummy and just loosen the notches of your belt. ;-) ;-) ;-) 
The sanskar wala khatta moong ka nashta looks so appetizing the perfect antidote to all the sugar on offer. 
And then after the cheesy cornflakes ,I want the Chugli wala nashta Kellogg's Chana Chat.
And then I am going back to my sweet again. The walnut cornflakes choco balls. I love the idea of the first crush wala nashta
I don't want to eat the homogenized milk wala cornflakes again tonight. Call me for the friendly neighbor wala Nashta.

Follow Kelloggs Aaj ka nashta on Facebook here -  Facebook Aaj ka Nashta and check out the delectable stuff you can do to your plain cornflakes here -       Kellogg's India.    All those who live around me...please check out the advertisements and do invite me like Guptaji.


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