Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Advice for the young at heart-College Dunia

I am not scouting for colleges to educate myself .
No sir,I'm through with writing exams. I like the streaks of red ink on my hands that I get on marking answer scripts.
But its never too late to gain knowledge.
Over the  years I have garnered more than college education for myself-If I sit and count the real value of my education, I'm sure I.ll be able to make a long,  long list.
I have polished skills, perfected  my imperfections ,organised my thoughts and channelised my energies to ensure that when I walk into a room ,it lights up. Maybe not because of my imperfect beauty,or just touching Mensa score IQ, but because of my personality.
I crack a  mean joke.
I am a teacher, or as is fashionable today, I am an educationist.
I am responsible for not only my own,sweet child, but those under my wing who are yet to decide the path to tread on.
As I seek to counsel my own and those who are temporarily my own,I need to first educate myself.
There is a labyrinth out there. So many options to choose from,so many avenues that we ,siting in our own secure world are totally unaware of.
When I was scouting out some information to guide my kids,I discovered this site called College Dunia that has a comprehensive list of all colleges in India...
Well, most of them-as in the important ones ,it has.
All colleges for fine arts, economics, business studies, foreign languages and the likes are all there along with a rating.
I was interested in the management colleges listed on the website ,considering that the CAT exams are just around the corner on the second Sunday of December.
Many, many moons ago, I also cracked the CAT, but fate had marriage bells in store for me. And now I am beacon of inspiration for my kids.
Well, back to the website...College Dunia.com/management-colleges .
The magic of screen shots...
IIM Ahmedabad is obviously at the apex with a rating of 9.8 out 10.
The best ,that only accepts the creme de la creme of the aspirants . It is also the college that most of the A-Listers have gained an education from, and more recently,it is the IIT where Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt met and fell in love.
Two States,Ohfo!!

While catching up with friends, I came to know of a couple who paid a lot of money to send their son to an American College for International Business. 
And then I saw...
MS Ramaiah Institute of Management ,Bangalore offers the same course for maybe a fraction of the cost. I know its all about the location, but sometimes the US may not be an option.
So why not India?
Then there are the colleges that the university colleges run...Like the FMS Delhi, MFC Delhi, IIBA Chennai etc...
And then there is International School of Business,Hyderabad and its branch in Mohali,Punjab that offers the premium courses of managing family businesses.
The courses are all good ,but one needs a family business to run...

I also saw some private colleges...the ones which advertise on the telly,only, these colleges are not really rated. They just have their logo in place of a rating!! Check this out.

And then just in our backyard, about six kilometers outside Jalandhar,Punjab, is our very own Lovely Professional University. And it is rated.
Very well if you ask me, compared to the older and more established colleges , a 5+ is a good rating.

Each college is linked to a webpage with detailed information about the college and what to expect from this degree.
A link also leads you to the CAT/MAT exams and what forms are available when etc.
Its worth spending the time going through this website. 
I have now loads of information with which to guide mine and my own...
And I will scout around for more avenues.
Why dont you read up?
Maybe you find something worth spending time over...after all education keeps one young at heart,no?

So, what are you searching for ???

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shopping online and offers Zoutons

I'm a  compulsive shopper. 
I work only so I can shop  for whatever catches my fancy.
Linen ,curios that look like owls, traditional statuettes made of brass,bake ware ,cake ware ,books ,clothes ,cosmetics...even dog collars and leashes.    
Coz I'm generally too tired after a full school day to go tackle the traffic in Jalandhar.           
And I can never find what I want in one go.
The list is endless.             
It doesn't matter who I shop for, I shop. 
So for me online sales and deals are like manna from heaven.
And coupons are the best t
hing ever.
I came across this site zoutons.com while scouting for deals and coupons and found fantastic deals on the site.
Zoutons.com is linked to various sites and offers a membership to all who are interested. 
What is different with Zoutons.com is the simple fact that once you log in and apply the coupon code, the site does not navigate you away from it to rogue pages and offers all products on the same page and more. 
The best deal , there is no spam  advertising that opens up pages and starts dialogs and videos.
Imagine ,you are surfing the Internet in the dead of the night and you hit One of these coupons sites to hook on to a good deal and the spam advertising opens up. ..
"The best fruit to eat that will melt fat...eeks...", a positively ugly thing pops up on screen and the entire household will be up criticizing your midnight shopping of shoes.
Well, I just did that.
Shopping from my favorite site flipkart.com for shoes is my favorite waste of time. 
I bought myself a pair of shoes from flipkart via Zoutons.com . I have just discovered the joy of screen shots and so have used them liberally. I started with this site link http://zoutons.com/stores/flipkart/ .
And I subscribed to the flipkart offers and coupons.
Coupon chosen and clicked...
Once the deal is activated, the site brings all deals to this page and then its like you are shopping normally at your favourite website.
Scrolling down will bring all the items that are under this deal.
Like so..
I fell for these white shoes. I know the heels are high ,but I am not planning to run the Boston Maratho in them any time soon. These shoes are whimsical and cute. At a wonderful price that does not scream extravagance...
Yes ,Cheap! At 50% off this is a wonderful deal.

They fit the bill of my current favourite wedges and white colour. Great under jeans and capri pants, these will be great for a sunny morning at the local cafe or bistro or our neighbourhood clubs.
I placed the order as easily as A-B-C and ordered with my debit card...
Awaiting my Tourister Britany Wedges.
Planning another shopping escapade on Zoutons and Flipkart soon, actually waiting for a flash sale when the price cuts will become cheaper...
Cheers to Coupons!

So where are you shopping today???


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