Friday, March 6, 2015

The Sound of Laughter ,Giggles and Pampers

Motherhood for me is more than a decade old.
This was the time when Fisher Price was just stepping up in India. The time when anyone coming back to India would bring back  Cartons of diapers and toys and other stuff for the babies.
This was the time when digicams had just been launched and handicams were huge.
But we still have awesome memories of sweet child's babyhood.
We were stationed in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan at the time and hubby dear was relatively freer. So every evening was play time for the two boys. 
Sweet Child had beautiful, curly locks and he hated tying  his hair in a ponytail. 
Hubby dear would become his horse and sweet child would ride him just like he was in a bronco.
Then there were times when sweet child would be tossed into the air and would be caught in daddy's trusting arms.
Then there would be the story telling session. 
"Scary Stories from the Raj" were sweet Child's favorite. They had references to Shimla, hubby dear's hometown. 
Just the eerie noises and the slurpy sounds I made were good to keep him interested. 
The bedroom ceiling had those glow in the dark stars and moons stuck for a magical effect because sweet child refused to sleep in the dark. So many of our songs and lullabies were about the moon and stars.
He adored "Shava Shava" from Karan Johar's "Kabhi khushi kabhi Gham" movie the flushing dance step. 
The best way to wake him up was to play that song on the VHS tape.
The most important thing about having a baby is the diapering and the feeding. The feeding would be accomplished on the swing in the courtyard, near the neighbors duck pond where most of the toast would be thrown to the ducks. A few trips in the car were great, the car rides built up his appetite and interest. There were the instances of reflux and vomit on our clothes too...and that happened usually when we were unable to change our clothes. 
Almost all our focus was on him and what he would like. We adored that gurgling laughter , him running behind the dog and running around the table. 
Probably the best nights were in the winters, when there was absolutely no chance of a diaper rash and sweet child could be swathed in a diaper the whole night long. Peaceful and clean , those nights were great for us too.  
To have a sleeping child on the bed was probably the best part of being parents.There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby in a mother's arms...
And he sleeps peacefully only because he is dry and comfortable the whole night long.
I'm glad I had a chance to celebrate my Motherhood with an equally caring father.

We never knew how much love we could feel , until someone called us Mama and Papa.

Hubby dear adores being slave to the little one
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happiness and some little friends -look up to the Sun

Happiness and bells and smells and the pitter -patter of tiny feet ...there was to be a new addition in  their family. Abheer had just gone to the Blue Cross Adoption drive since morning.
  Saranya had specified that she wanted a tiny one...two months old maybe...
A skinny one would be great for her...
She adored feeding the young ones. There was such pleasure in hapoy bellies and smug well fed faces.
Suddenly she heard the brass Ganasha bell clang on the door. She ran to the door ...and then realized that her legs would not follow her wishes.
Slowly ,she trudged on.
A painful step at a time.
Abheer was shuffling towards her bedroom and he met her half way. When she saw those limpid bottomless black eyes..she fell in love .
All over again.
The floppy tongue lolled out of his mouth ,the little puppy had tiny pincer like teeth. She touched his warm nose and that warm wet tongue licked her bony fingers.
Her eyes began to   shed tears she never knew were left.
Abheer placed the little pup in her arms ," Lets call her Bijli."
" her run."
Saranya sat on the couch softly. In a second Bijli walked out of her arms and eased herself on Saranya's dress.
She almost dropped her.
Uff ... she picked up the little pup and walked to the balcony.  A step at a time.
Abheer watched with a tiny smile. He knew that this was the best medicine.
He knew she would forget the pain of her brother's death soon and he would be able to work in Bombay in peace.
When Abheer returned home after almost a month, he stood in front of the door wondering what he would see. Saranya sounded pretty happy on the phone. But what he would see...
Suddenly, yelps and the flopping of slippers accompanied the clanging of the Brass Ganesha bell...and the door opened.
Opened to the aromas of his favorite tadka of lasuni Dal.
Something he hadn't had in months.
He watched as she moved about serving him and little Bijli followed her around.
She was smiling.
Something she hadn't done in months.
Saranya was finally looking towards the sun.
She was finally becoming optimistic and forgetting the shadows of the past...
Just the presence of the little one had pushed her to forget her pain. He waited for her to wake up every morning... She finally began making her tea because Bijli wanted a biscuit, and a tiny bite of her lunch.
The joy Bijli brought was incomparable. She made Saranya look up to the future and realize that Abheer needed her too.
She had only needed to turn on the light to bring happiness back into her home.

She was looking up to the bright shining sun...
Happiness would follow her at her positive Look-Up.
Just because she had remembered to turn on the happiness.

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