Monday, September 1, 2014

A Blue Room and some Style and Tashan-The Make My Home Way

But I'm feeling blue,feeling blue ...
Thats my song.
Feeling blue  is not feeling sad for me. 
Blue to me is calm like the calm of the ocean after a storm.
Blue to me is soothing and like all that is mine is happy.
I redo my house every few years ,so portals like make my are always great.
My style is not retro or ethenic or eclectic,I prefer Colour Blocking.
And my colour is blue.
As I live in government accomodation ,my hands are tied,I cant paint the walls. So I make do with colour blocking the form of curtains and linen and cushion covers.
I am not a print person...
I like solid colour with maybe a contrast or block prints or Khadi work of gold enamel paint.
To add to my already overflowing room full of nick  knacks, a few additions from the make my home website and a statement is set.
This 3 piece bed room set  from Swayam is exactly what I like.
Blue ,with a few accent shades and a block print.
At a discounted price of INR 3734 ,its good enough to make me happy. I'm an Internet, smart phone junkie. I can spend hours just surfing through online shopping sites, so I am pretty clued up about the prices. Just like a web crawler(sic), I work silently. 
So the discount is good, believe me.

My piece de resistance that will add to the eclecticism of my room would be the fish mouth vase . Considered to be a harbinger of all that is pure and good ,a silver fish ornament is pure good luck. At a cost of INR 25,907 this handcrafted sterling silver is a potential heirloom and to make it stand out , I'd like to place it on my mantle on a blue silk runner ,on a glass or crystal stand or maybe encase it in a glass case.
I wouldn't ever place flowers, real or artificial in its mouth, ever.
The filigree work is just to neat to allow any flowers to distract attention ftom this master piece of craftsmanship.

The next best thing to do up my room is a mirror to echo the blue colour all around. And what better than a Deknud Mirror to do that . A painting or picture takes away focus from the objet d'art. Ata discounted price of INR 57,375 this Belgian mirror is 16.25 kg and is actually a black glass over which 4 oblong mirrors are mounted that can give a 360° view of the room.
Awesome designer stuff.
And just in case you were wondering as to why I chose a really expensive mirror, when something at a fraction of the cost could have done as well.
Well ,style and as they say in Punjab ,its all about Tashan .
And the more expensive, the better.

Now the question arises, who is to foot the bill for my blue emotions and blue room?
Any takers?

A room that is set to be blue and beautiful and full of style and Tashan.
Let's get shopping.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Parat Wale Paranthe-Layers and Paranthe Wali Gali Revisited with Ragi/Finger Millet Flour

Paranthe....Parat Wale...

Chandni Chowk,Old Delhi.
A metro ride away from the parents house. The best place to go when you crave all the bling needed for the Great Indian Wedding. Katra which are misnomers for lanes that are stuffed with tiny little stores full of laces, buttons, shiny embroidered dresses and sarees and all things needed for weddings.
I shopped for my wedding there,then the sister in law, various cousins and then sweet sisters trousseau was purchased here as well.
And of late, thanks to the Delhi metro, we hop off to Chandni Chowk just for kicks or maybe a button or two(the shiniest of buttons are available here -not at a large discount though)
google images
And then there are little nooks in the wall for stuff to eat. It seems an unholy mess here, sweet child refused to eat the stuff sold at the carts at first ,but after he saw us enjoying the food stuffs...he had his fill.
The best time to visit is winters, and the food is always fast moving,so you know that its always fresh.
So no Delhi Belly.
The best place is...Katra Shah n Shah
google images
And the best thing to see here is ...
google images
They make paranthas of everything under the sun ,but the easiest to emulate is the parat wala parantha.
But as we live in Jalandhar,Punjab the fragrances cannot satisfy our appetites. So we try the paranthas at home.
Paranthe Wali Gali style.
Paranthas are layered or stuffed breads cooked either on a hot griddle in the tandoor and slathered with ghee or butter or oil and eaten with fresh curd,chutney,pickles or a veggie curry.
This is a healthier version using Ragi or Finger Millet Flour.
Parat means layers...16 layers in this parantha.
Crisp and yummy...prettier than any puff pastry type bread. And wow...

for the

Parat Wala Parantha-Layers and Paranthe Wali Gali Revisited with Ragi/Finger Millet Flour...

you need

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup ragi/finger millet flour
water to knead
salt,chili flakes,coriander powder,oregano flakes whatever spice blend you have
Ajwain or bishops weed seeds
Desi ghee/clarified butter or butter or vegetable oil to fry

You can make these with only whole wheat flour if you wish,but ragi adds an additional taste to them.
Knead the flours with warm water,not too soft.
All set like an assembly line production.
Non stick pan/Griddle/tawa on the fire,it must be hot when you place the rolled parantha.

 A ball of dough a little bigger than a golf ball, rolled out to about 2 mm thin. Round or the map of Australia,no issues.
 Slather the parantha with ghee or whatever fat you are using and with a sharp knife,cut the parantha into 16 pieces.

Sprinkle on the spices you want to use. I use chile flakes, salt and coriander powder or the oregano sachets that I save from my pizza delivery.

 Stack the pieces spice side up, except one to cove the stack.
 The last piece upside down and pressed down and now dipped into dry flour to help the rolling.
 like so...
 Dipped in flour...

 And rolled out...
 On the hot griddle till the top looks cooked and then you need to flip.
 The other side up, a few specks of brown, add a spoon full of the fat and spread it around.

 Flame reduced to medium,Now dexterity is important,use a flat spoon to overturn and cook the other side. You can add more or less ghee and watch the layers separate.
 Place on a plate and cut into four pieces...
 And serve super fast...with chutney ...whatever...
 Moms in India like to place a little ghee on the parantha or roti and crumple it with their hands ,even though the bread may be burning hot...this does two things-breaks open the layers and allows the ghee to percolate and the most important thing ,shows our love for the one the parantha is made.
Burning hands and all...the parantha is full of flavour and love.
Enough to bring Paranthe Wali Gali home to your kitchen.


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