Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eggs Kejriwal A Perfectly Unhealthy Breakfast

Eggs Kejriwal. 
Totally legendary in Mumbai Clubs.
No ,not the nightclubs or the pubs and restrobars ,but the staid old world type clubs that dot Mumbai.
So totally not related to Mr Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi. Thank God! 
We would have had a lot of drama on our plates and a Muffler or two for company otherwise. 
Thè story begins with morning walks and breakfast at our club by the seaside. My first walk and I was stumped by the menu...while they serve a mean tea ,they had Eggs Kejriwal as a highly recommended option for breakfast. 
Sweet Child refused outright, not wanting to have any thing to do with a comical character who held Delhi to Ransom because of his ambitions. 
So the query began , wherin one old waiter told us that this dish originated thanks to a Marwari gentleman, whose home was sanctified and no eggs were ever allowed. Not satisfied, we googled and found that to be true.
According to Saaransh Goila , Willington Club catered to his desires and his way of eating eggs quite took the fancy of many others. So today...oour Propah USI Club also caters for Eggs Kejriwal. 

for the

Eggs Kejriwal...

you need

2 eggs
2 slices whole wheat bread or Pao
Amul Butter
Grated Cheddar cheese
Salt ,red chili flakes, pepper to taste
finely diced onion ,tomato, green chillies and coriander 1 tsp each
olive oil or clarified butter or desi ghee to fry the egg in

Place a frying pan to heat. I use my iron tawa or griddle as it makes the best eggs.

Spoon some oil or ghee to heat and crack and egg on the pan. 
In the meanwhile heat another frying pan ,slather butter on the bread and place it butter side down on the pan. The butter will sear and sizzle ,and the bread will fry and not toast.
Season the egg with the salt pepper etc and sprinkle the chopped veggies on the egg.
Once you are happy with the almost crisp bread ,place it on a steel plate, layer the cheese and then top with the egg.
Place this platter under the grill for a minute so that the cheese melts and the egg cooks a bit.
The  second egg?Repeat. 
Like so.
Sit down with your #EggsKejriwal and a cup of hot tea as they serve in clubs,adnd your morning newspapers and let no one come between this cheesy ,greasy heavenly plate of eggs.

The egg yolk is not runny ,the cheese holds the egg to the bread and the bread is fried in Amul butter. Can you start your day in a better way?
Subsequent #EggsKejriwal are topped with some more grated cheese on the yolk so as to allow it to melt on the yolk and onions and tomatoes and cut green chillies. 

Totally Disgustingly Unhealthy. 
But we wouldn't have them any other ways.

Sweet Child trudges 3 kms Sunday  mornings just for that greasy offering of a name he refuses to take. I double the walk for a couple of bites.

So what are you baking today???

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kiwi Parfait with Oatmeal Cookies Beat the heat

Its hot.
And this parfait was cool.
And had a little crunch of my favorite oatmeal digestive cookies.
And Quick.

I had two kiwis in my fridge and no one wanted another smoothie.  We've been through strawberry smoothie, banana oatmeal smoothie, Mango Smoothie, kiwi smoothie and even blueberry smoothies-ok using a bottled crush.
So that meant a mason jar dessert.
Or a chai glass dessert.
Only I have no cream in my freezer, not had the heart to go out to lug supplies till the rains start.
So yogurt it was.
Mother dairy ,Amul ,Danone...whatever.
Just make sure its store bought.

For the

Kiwi Parfait with Oatmeal Cookies-Beat the Heat...

You need

2 kiwis
2 tsp honey
1 small tub yogurt 200 mls
2 oatmeal digestive cookies
Slivered almonds optional

Peel the kiwis and chop them into bite sized pieces.
Add a spoon or two of honey to sweeten them and leave them an hour or two to macerate.
If you insist on using homemade yogurt,now would be a good time to hand the yogurt to drain some whey.
You want thick greek yogurt or whipped cream frosting consistency.
Chill the yogurt.
When you are ready to assemble the dessert or feel peckish...sweeten the yogurt with honey if needed.
You can leave the yogurt as it is...the cookies are sweet too.Just whisk it really well.
Glass at the ready.
Spoon the macerated kiwis at the base.
Top with a spoon of yogurt.
Crumble a cookie over the yogurt and then the yogurt again.

This helps to maintain the crunch.
You can add your slivered almonds here.
Top with the chopped kiwis and a wee bit of the cookie crumbs.
Dig in.
This is a quick dessert that satisfies your cravings and also ensures some health benefits.
Kiwi is a power packed fruit loaded with anti oxidants and vitamins and of course freshness.
Yogurt is a blessing in the summer.  Gut bacteria stay happy. And if you hand homemade yogurt, drink the whey.
Allow couple of cookies to sweeten your day once in a while.

Meanwhile,  a battle rages.
What is the difference between a Torte and a Cake as An all American Chocolate Torte rises in my oven.
The first in this house.

So what are you baking today??? 

Until the next

Until the next


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