Friday, May 27, 2016

Laundry Odd and Even ,Blues and Ariel

We've all got the blues. It's too hot to play outdoors , there's a water shortage so the swimming pool is temporarily closed, school off for the vacations and there's absolutely nothing more to do than play video games and read comics.
That's the routine these poor overwhelmed, overworked teenagers follow.
And then we hear stuff about stress and peer group pressure.
We've just returned from Delhi after a short vacation with the parents. So sweet child was all spoilt and pampered,however enjoying every moment with the grandparents. And my mother has always ensured that children never have any free time...he was assigned the job of operating appliances.
Dishwasher, Washing  machine and the likes.

This was deemed to be an Odd even activity with for members of a family. Well ,the mother, me ,I am the  female here. 
I don't believe in doing much of the work anymore. I'm like a senior bureaucrat here at home. I give directions and expect the chores to be completed. 
So the package of Ariel detergent had to be put to good use. 
So all the cushion covers were  removed and bedcovers were taken off and the bucket was to be emptied into the washing machine.
So the boys video games were interrupted and they were put to some work.
Sweet Child's male chauvinism has been nipped in the bud a long time ago. But he was reluctant to go all the dirty work.
So he roped in his friend.
The even tempered person was wielding the camera and the odd men were sorting the dirty clothes.
That one carton of Ariel was tossed around  bit and once the playing had ended they did manage to get the clothes in the buckets to be loaded into the machine.

Supreme heat waves were taken as the reason the chores would be done indoors in air conditioning.

There was quite alot of clowning around that went into that one chore... but the cushions were straightened with zippers closed and buttons done up.
And because the boys were having so much fun, sweet dog Romeo also decided to join them.
In retrospect and in GIF ,even washing clothes is fun.
A word of advice here,these bed covers and cushion covers are all made of cotton and are safely dumped into any washing machine witha safe detergent like Ariel.

You can be sure that the boys shenanigans will not lead to their white Tshirts becoming pink and blue or Tie Dyed.
I wish mothers al made their boys do the chores they make thier daughters do.
After all the boys may need to manage all their work alone. And when they have a detergent like Ariel, you can rest easy that your child will be wearing clean clothes, even when you aren't around to supervise their Laundry.
And when they have families, its only fair that they help out their partners in all the house work
After all,you do need clean clothes.
So why should you expect the lady of the house to be lifting the dirty Laundry to load the washing machine.
Its not that difficult ,is it?

So all motbera should be like me. Even though we are fortunate  enough to have hired help...the boys and girls must be able to do their own Laundry.
We had a great time washing clothes. The boys loaded and like a maestro conducting an orchestra,all tunes played well and the job was done.

Quite a slave driver I am, aren't I? But thats how youve got to teach them. A teacher has to be a task master.
And I do so enjoy myself.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.'

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Soya Chaap - Lesser Known Jewels of Delhi

Summer time, time for our annual visit home. The vacations are getting shorter and the Delhi summers warmer. Hotter , I should say.
Roomali Roti and Soya Chaap

And everytime I return, there is a new fad in town.
Chaap has been a fad for the longest time now...but it's been made over quite jazzily in this part of town.
Now if you're from any other city, the food available is similar throughout the length and breadth of the city.
But North and West Delhi have different palates as compared with the rest of Delhi.
Here its the greasy ,spicy ,butter chicken type street food.
A little Ghaint- punjabi for stylish... those of you from south Delhi would definitely not understand the stuff.
They don't have our Chola Bhaturas or Dahi Bhallas or Soya Chaaps.
No sir, they know not what they are missing. That's why the North Campus area and Kamla Nagar have such amazing good joints. Not fine Dine, just fine dining... happy ,spicy ,healthy food.
Soya Chaaps were available in the Som Bazaars or weekly street vegetable markets earlier.
Weekly markets are a greta tradition in Delhi where vendors selling fresh vegetables,fruits, pickles,cheap plastics and ceramics, street food , small scale cottage industry type bakers etc come together one day of the week.
Its an infectious atmosphere,to be seen to be believed.
 Soya flour kneaded and stretched and wrapped on ice cream sticks and boiled.
Then these were bought from the exotic veggie vendors and cooked with copious amounts of tomatoes and cream.
Now the new food stylists have begun stuffing the soya chaaps with paneer or cottage cheese and roasted in tandoors and then tossed in a plethora of spices, ready gravy and ghee or butter or cream.
Oh and they are marinated in similar spices as the non vegetarians use for chicken and meat.
So one of the lesser know jewels in my neighborhood is this outfit called BABA Chaap Wala, Shalimar Bagh.
A clean kitchen, with a chef that literally has hands coated with silicone... doesn't need a dish cloth to hold a hot dish.
He places a seekh of stuffed Soya Chaap over the tandoor,as the high heat will burn the soya.
He cuts them and tosses them in spices and ghee or butter and serves them with Roomali Roti.
Home Delivered fresh and piping hot.
A healthy specialty of North West Delhi.
Mind it, you'll get chaap other places, but you'll never get this taste and flavor.
So the next time you're in Delhi, do come up north and try these lesser known jewels.
Oh and if you are in Shalimar Bagh, do try Baba Chaap, BP Market .
He's one of the best in this locality. Vouched for by many.

Disclaimer : The soya chaap was purchased, eaten ,purchased again and re ordered ,all in the space of three hours. Repeat orders ,Stuffed Soya Chaap and Roomali Roti.

Until the next

Until the next


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