Sunday, June 21, 2015

Of Sordid Smelly Tails and Tales

Someone up there made sure that the four legged creatures should refrain from being smell less. The smell is what identifies them to be four legged creatures.
"Maim saheb thoda dettol ,thoda phenyl ,thoda mitti ka tel dalne ka na pocha main, baarish ka baas aata hai" ,advises Madam the maid ,in her cute sing song Marathi accent.
Essentially telling me that I need to add disinfectants to the water when the floor is being mopped coz my home stinks- politely that is.
For all ye new to my blog.
This is what my home looks like...give or take a few things...

This is the first time in my married life that me and my boys read also one dog are confined to an apartment. This is also my first monsoon in Mumbai.
The boys have always had the freedom to remove stinky shoes, socks and sundry stinky stuff in the veranda to mercy fully leave my house smelling fresh and inviting.
He loves the balcony now.
However, now in Mumbai , even sweet dog chooses to shake himself dry in my sitting room.
Google -photographing a wet dog has to be the most difficult. 
So my cushion covers and curtains and curios are dotted with bacteria feeding on his body oil and farting to emit that wet dog smell.
Put this way ,it seems gross. So most of my curios are packed up as we don't like the extra dusting to be done in such circumstances.
So since we live with the farting bacteria emitting the wet dog smells , we tend to ignore the curios.The Lesser the surface area smelling bad,the better.
Could such a cute thing smell so bad?Ask the maid.
Add to that the smell of the washed clothes and sundy laundry drying under fans ,because the sun is on a sabbatical.I havent felt any sunshine for the last one week.
Add to that some 15 -20 cigarettes daily that are supposedly smoked near the windows or in the balcony, and two different brands of Deodorants and after shaves-boys here remember...
Add to that the stinky smell of the gym wear and shoes and wet umbrellas that are stacked near the door.
Add to that the supposed aromas of heeng tadka daals ,and chicken and sometimes pakoras.
No wonder ,sweet dog likes to eat his food in the balcony. All these smells interfere with the aroma of his chicken rice.
No wonder the crows stand on the balcony balustrade and caw ,admonishing me on my lack of house keeping skills ...and maybe gossiping about me too. How can you trust these black beady eyed monsters. No wonder they look as though they mock me.
My vanilla essence just isn't as effective anymore. Baking bread aromas get drowned before they reach the bedrooms.
All my scented candles and Dhoop Battis and Pot Pourri with essential oils have been wasted.
That is why my maid smells the farting bacteria that makes my house smell like a giant wet dog. And to think sweet dog is a small Lhasa Apso!
I have tried the baking soda and vinegar mixture to wipe him dry ,but that only gave him a skin infections and the medications obviously smell worse.
That's why Madam my maid tries to put down the wet dog smell to a simple baarish ka Baas. The foul smell of the rain!
All my efforts have been in vain.
I rue the day we got stationed to a place where bungalows are few and far between.
No flowers ,no lemon grass...
Our social life has come to a near stand still, considering we can't invite people over who wont be acclimatised to, or understand the farting bacteria as us.
The maid finally had a suggestion.
She works in another house that is also infested with farting bacteria and two dogs. Big dogs at that.
"Wo madam bolti ,safed batli se espray karne ka-barobar sheee shee karne ka... to baarish ka baas jayenga." 
So with suggestions from the other lady I must spray a room freshner to get rid of these fumes. I went looking for the safed batli (white bottle)with espray(aerosol spray) and look what i found...

The smell of lavender and other pleasant flowers rules over the farting bacteria and wet clothes smell.

Ambi-pur Air Effects to the rescue ,everytime now.
No more Baarish Ka Baas. from #SmellyToSmiley.
So Monsoon or no,my home will always smell of smiles.
After a few sprays, I can rest assured that my maid and guests will never smell anything unpleasant here again. Just enjoy the hospitality of a happy ,odor free home. And there will be no more mention of any gas being emitted from any living creature. Ever.

PS :it is a scientifically proven fact that bacteria break down the organic acids in wet dog fur to produce smells akin to dead and decaying organic matter.

 “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Premium Economy Class and a Little Extra

Standing at a Gourmet food store counter, I refused to bat an eyelid as I saw the numbers move.  My heart was pinging in tune with the cash register though.
Much as I wanted desperately to run like a screeching banshee,hugging my credit card (OK -hubby dears) and my Coach wallet(gifted-if you  please) as close to my self as possible- I did not.
In fact ,I never even looked at the price of the small tub of "Imported " mayonnaise that sweet child casually dumped into the shopping basket, I smiled.
And when I signed on the card receipt, I actually had the nerve to chat with the cashier.
I knew that I could have bought this tiny clutch of groceries at my neighbourhood ,air conditioned Kiryana shop for less than half the amount.
But, as I walked away, the guy at the counter offered me a cheese platter to taste.
And then another one asked me to try their freshly brewed white oolong tea and also offered to carry my bags till the door...
My bags weren't that heavy, and I have never had to carry shopping bags anyways,but that offer did me in.
My credit card limits are high, never been maxed though.
I enjoy the best that life has to offer,but I just needed to get out of that jugaad business.
I could have trudged to swampy, muddy Crawford Market and bargained and saved a few bucks.But my very original Coach wallet and Nike Air Max shoes would have looked fake there , and I would have missed out on the hors d'oeuvres tasting.
I enjoyed being treated like Donald Trump ,even if it was for a while. For just that little extra that I had to pay, that luxury was priceless.
I have arrived. I love the idea of the free Paan or the sookha papdi and extra paani, and one extra carry bag to show off that I shop at fabindia,but I'd rather not.
I have arrived.
I may be middle class,having to count my pennies, but I have enough to spare. And I now expect to be traeted no less than royalty.
When I travel Cattle Class or Economy, I expect mopre than what the regular airlines will offer. I expect my journey to be full #PaisaVasool.
Here's how... its worth more . Much more than you paid for. So that your money stretches as far as it can go.

  • More Baggage-2 bags 23kgs each. So now you and I can cart the zeera powder, papads and pickles for the siblings living abroad. And bring back more stuff without paying for excess baggage.
  • More Exclusivity- a peaceful lounge to wait for the flight to be announced.For a nominal charge you and I can charge our drinks...
  • More importance...a welcome drink, a drink holder, personal water bottles, phone /laptop chargers for that #PaisaVasool feeling of getting the max for your money spent...
  • More seats brand new ,comfy seats to sink your rear into and settle comfortably for the long haul flight.

  • More Relaxation extra leg space for which proves to be a boon for taller people. This nifty little foot rest that helps you settle down easily.

  •  Imagine this in economy-all the #PaisaVasool luxury you can gather from an economy ticket.

You believe stretching like this is possible at a low cost fare? Isn't it bang for your buck?The real #PaisaVasool.

  • And this pretty little kit to ensure you wake fresh, something to help you sleep and then reach your destination as if the journey was never there. I have a thing for collecting these little pouches. Don't you? #PaisaVasool. Part of my ticket ,it was.
  • Airline food! Airline food! Never the greatest. But this looks different. Light, nutritious and wholesome too. Just the right amount and #PaisaVasool quantity.

  • More entertainment.Large screens and a full list of entertainment programmes to while away the journey time.                                               

There is more of everything on the Lufthansa Premium Economy Class for the price of a simple economy class ticket you get so much more. Isn't that what #PaisaVasool is all about?
In style?
Check out the details here on this advert.

And next time...lets fly #LufthansaPremiumEconomy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Of Energy and Music

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening, 
And live like its heaven on earth.
                      William Purkey

"Stop pumping your arms like that are looking silly." 
Lakshita chose to ignore her boyfriend who was supposed to be training her in the gym. He had told her that he would be her driving force. Lakshita cranked up the volume of her mp3 player ,feigning ignorance , but Kavin stepped off his treadmill to stop hers .
She hated being forcibly stopped. She turned to look at the only guy who had wanted to be her boyfriend in the two years she had been in college. All the girls in her class were in a relationship and she did not want to be a pariah.
For the first time in her life she had been motivated to lose weight...
"What Kavin? Why did you stop me like this ? I could've got hurt."
"Moti ,you have so many layers of fat around your tummy , that will cushion any injury. " He smirked.
"Don't move your arms like that . You are looking funny . Its embarrassing, everyone is watching you . walk properly on the treadmill. "
Lakshita felt tears sting her eyes. Kavin always made fun of her. She wondered if this rudeness was worth being part of the pack. 
She got off the treadmill and walked towards the exit.
"Don't eat too much after the exercise Moti. See you tomorrow. " Kavin called after her and went back to pumping  his weights.

 Lakshita signed out of the gym and walked out angry . She was beginning to enjoy the routine and had also lost a few inches. The weighing scale had just begun to show lower numbers.
But she swore ,she would never work out with him again.
She went home feeling disgusted with her self. She was about to attack the bread box and have her comfort food of toast and butter when her next door neighbor called out to her from the kitchen window.
 "Lakshita have you joined a gym? You're loosing weight. Good..,I was telling my cousin how focused you are ,you are so inspiring na....even I want to try. " Lakshita smiled at Diva and said to her "Sure."
She left the bread box as it was and went to her room to turn on the tv. MTV always had good music. She decided to carry on her workouts at home now. The college was closing for the Autumn break anyway.  She just started dancing to the beats of the music playing.And found that her feet moved naturally.  She googled dance steps and found many dance routines on you tube.
And then what. ..loud ,pulsating music and blood pumping dance. That was what she was doing.
The scales began tipping in her favour and she began avoiding Kavin like the plague. It was easy ,he had always felt as though he was doing her a favor anyways. Try outs for tje college festival had begun , and she was selected for the college dance team... her joy knew no bounds.
And suddenly, Kavin was being nice to her. But she realized that she didn't need any boy to make her feel accepted. 
On the day of the festival, when the troupe was getting ready in the green room ,she heard that Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun would be performing after their event. Thanks to her south Indian roots she knew what a rocking dancer Allu Arjun was.
After their extremely applauded dance performance they vacated the stage for Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun.  And then the magic began .Anushka belted outhigh energy numbers and Allu Arjun never missed a beat. She was watching from the first row when he held out his hand to invite her to dance. She was frozen and her friends pushed her onto the stage. Once on , she matched him step for each step and he was grinning. ... you are a fantastic dancer. And then he kissed her....
The was so energized, she could fly.Together they had made her so special. 
Anushka came forward to congratulate Lakshita on a beautiful fresh performance. 

Lakshita now realized that you don't need anyone to complete you. Just your belief in yourself. 

 “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove
activity Are you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Money Book- An Organiser Par Excellence

I like receiving gifts,even they come in the form of little handy hardbound dairies.
My Money Book is just that.
A handy dandy little dairy that has all the space for you to duly note down,systematically, all the investment s you and your family have made and a proper place to note down all relevant information.
Hubby dear and sweet dad are extremely systematic.  One trusts the Internet, whereas the other has a deep mistrust for storing important information online.
No its the other way round.
Sweet dad ,is the one who has full faith in Google and all websites.  But ,just to be safe ,all his important documents et al are printed out and filed in folders ,in a sequence that only he can comprehend.
Hubby dear on the other hand ,commits a lot to memory, his note pad and printouts.
He has this mnemonic for remembering when insurance policies are to be paid up and when bills are to be paid etc.
Unfortunately for most of the adult population, memories cannot really sustain all relevant dates(yeah ,thats why birthdays are forgotten?) and invariably dates will slip.
God forbid, if one forgot insurance premiums dates and an accident occurs...
That will be a heavy price to pay to be unorganized.
So for those lost souls ,this little Red Book My Money Book can prove to be a blessing.
It looks like a regular diary.
But is a gold mine of information which could be your life life.

1. Hard Bound-hence long life
This little red treasure is hard bound and quite slim. So your financial details could be stored in a slim water proof folder in a safe place. You wont have to worry about any loose sheets or covers tearing.  So My Money Book will probably last you longer than most of your insurance policies.

2. Organized Data /Info Entry
There are four sections in this book.
    a. My Insurance Policies- covering life ,health ,motor and property insurance with columns to fill in details about the company ,policy date ,premium due date ,sum assured etc. There are three pages to note details for Motor insurance too. So if you are like me, you will invariably forget to pay the smaller cars insurance-My Money book will be a handy reminder.
   b.My Bank Details - wherein one can note all details of account numbers, IFSC codes ,credit card details and locker numbers etc. One can also note the items stored in the bank lockers too.
   c. My loans- You can note all loan details to help you keep your finances in check.

   d.My Investments-Proper columns to note mutual fund folio numbers, scheme names SIP tenures and what have you , so you font have to depend on information linked to your pan card online. For me ,this is the best part of the book. I had lost my folio numbers of certain mutual funds I had invested in and had a harrowing time getting printouts from the consultants.

3. Payment logs
You can keep track of payments made and premiums due dates ,thanks to the simplicity of the column headings.  Guaranteed to never let you down ,so you can note down the date the payment was made , vide which instrument etc.

4. No fear of hackers/Hard Discs getting corrupted or Crashing.
Pen and paper are always a good idea. You'll know that they are always safe. Hard drives can crash and take all your financial details with them or hackers could use the information to steal from you. So My Money Book is a safe way to store financial details.

5. Simple and easy to use
My Money Book is so simple that any family member may be able use it maybe in your absence. They wont have to go through your documents and make financial faux pas like noting incorrect back account numbers or wrong policy details (yes ,I have done that - don't blame me ,blame the fine print on the documents). Really helpful.  All you need is to fill the details from the original documents and you are good to go.

My only suggestion is that My Money Book should come in a waterproof folder with a few pockets for just a few documents.
Just so that in the time lag between making payments and entering details ,the receipts are not lost.
Why waterproof, so that in the event of a flood or a leakage or simply a coffee spillage the details stay safe.

Overall, I am impressed.  I am giving my copy to Hubby dear and am going to manage one more for my dad so they they can keep their records planned and safe.

Full marks to Exide life insurance, for bringing this handy dandy My Money Book.

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Until the next

Until the next


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