Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Papa

My oldest memories are of your laughter and your singing.
I know that I never heard those songs anywhere stopped singing those songs ,but papa...they still play in my heat.
Warm and blessed by that music and the love you spread with them.
If your player stops papa..
The song is "Papa, he loves mama,mama,she loves papa"
You used to make me sing with you...and the giggle...
I remember it all, like it was yesterday.
I was your bundle of joy and I hope I always will be.

Life has brought me full circle...I know,  things have not always gone according to our choices, but today I am wise enough to know that you only have my best at and always.
You are the first man in my first superhero...the blessing I got without asking...
I fell like a little girl around you, safe in the knowledge that you will put everything right!
You are the best, papa.
And I am proud to be your daughter!
And I love you !
Happy Father's Day!

PS..though you may now approve....We still don't deserve light!!!

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Until the next

Until the next


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