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#HappilyUnemployed...seriously out numbered by three boys:hubby ,son and dog!
The only thing that makes sense most of the time is FOOD!
 and when it smells like heaven or chocolate, it makes most of what is wrong ,right!
Cardinal sins...
They make the flesh willing and the spirit weak....
But to resist temptation takes real strength of character..
And a whine whenever on seeing a weighing scale....
For now, I will have access to the best of ingredients to bake,because I am now in Maximum city, Mumbai.
And I intend to take full advantage of it.
Hence baketitude will now never be reined in.
After 11 years of teaching almost adults -read teenagers who proclaim to know more -and often do know more than the teachers who teach them...I have decided to call it quits.
No sabbatical this time.
Just no more being employed.
So the #HappilyUnemployed.
I aim to take each day as I wish, bake at will and read at will too.
However my words will begin to drive me mad after some time, drum beating and echoing in my poor brain.
So ,I will write.
I will blog .
And if you do have any thing you want me to write for you about,please feel free to mail me.
I may even thank you for it and if you are in my vicinity, throw in a cupcake or two.
I am available for product/website reviews also.
I essentially need a reason to be glued to my internet screen.

Mail me

for any queries or just a chat.



Anonymous said...

nice......will read ur posts when m not in hurry:D.....gud1 keep it up:)

Sweet said...

hey...thanx for stopping by, wont you letme know your name.....

Anonymous said...

wel m vineeta:)avid reader lover n now days my new love for baking compelled me to read different blogs....while exploring recipes i found ur blog....liked ur passion for baking n different recipes.....m residing at joshimath(very small place) uttarakhand where i fight constantly for d ingredients...but still love d aroma coming out of my room....i bought car full ingredients, moulds from my short delhi trips....hihihihi....enjoy:D

Sweet said...

hi vineeta...hope u find all u want and more here....I know joshimath and can understand ur fight follow my mantra when u cant find Substitute and beg your relatives and friends to provide stuff whenever they are anyplace good

Kasturi said...

Hi Shalini,
I came to your blog through a dear childhood friend of mine, Manika (Uniyal) Bahuhuna and boy!! was I amazed! You cook and bake and write with the flair of all these other amazing US based Indian gals but you are based in Ranchi, without many of the conveniences that we take for granted...amazing. You mentioned Trader Joes, which is a chain only in few select places in USA and got me confused at first:). I am from Trader Joe's country and its akin to your corner pansari for me, I cook, I bake, live in an all boys household identical to yours but I don't blog (not yet at least). I found your methods and ways to get the right feel/texture/smell even with substitutes the most clever part of the blog. Atta chicken replication on a hunch!! Kudos. Keep up the good work and happy cooking.

Sweet said...

hi kasturi...Thanx a ton...
trader joes and all stuff firangi is courtesy my sister who brings stuff back for me....
And the I wonder how I survived so many years without blogging.
Maybe because earlier I had wonderful friends like manika bahuguna around so never felt the need of blogging...all the chatting was I need to let it all out but a limited audience awaits me here...
keep coming back for more...
and spread the word

Pr@cz said...

loved your blog.
I too love to experiment and landed on your blog via a friend who herself taught me baking after marriage. hope to learn a lot from you too.
Love the name and the way you expressed it, and i too have a small blog hope to get inspiration from you.

Sweet said...

hi thanks for visiting and thanks for being inspired....

Aman said...


We're interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you're interested in discussing further about it.


Amandeep singh

Anonymous said...

Hi shalini, I am trying to shop some online mould cutters like a ring, square and more shapes, not able to find it here in India, can you help me pls, can reach me at, byc reading your blogs

Sweet said...

hi deepa...I got most of these made...from a shop that does aluminium stuff for local bakeries...standard stuff is available...the rest...just pay and get made ..

Pearl Dsouza said...

Hi shalini,visited your blog for the first time Nd must admit will continue to do so,ur cookies recipe was a big hit with my daughter,she's the reason I laid my hands on baking and got self introduced to ur site after searching various other baking sites high Nd low.thank you.

Sweet said...

Hi pearl
Glad you like the cookies. These are go to desserts for a sugar slave like me.

Until the next

Until the next


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