Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Tale of Two Tails and many Paws

Many paws.
Well ,eight to be precise.
And a name like Moe Syzslak for a dog.
Well, those who know of all things sweet in my house ,also know of a temporarily shorn Lhasa Apso that came as a gift to hubby dear from a Buddhist Lama,when he was stationed in North Sikkim about six years ago.
He has not been the only set of paws in my house. We had a Russian Symmoid called Elvis, who loved potato peels and bananas, a huge, black,drama queen like Doberman called Caesar, who was sort off kidnapped from our back yard, and an inherited Lhasa Apso called Junior ,who had to be let go off.
I have been on the look out for another Doberman,but they seem to be even more expensive than a winged stallion...
But then they say its Kismet...
Last Sunday,this dirty ,sandy coloured pup was cavorting with his black eyed, black tipped tailed and sundry siblings ,near our garden,when Sweet Child picked him up and got him in...and gave him a bowlful of the milk that he was to drink.
Just like the immigrant from a poor third world country, the pup entered our house and our lives.
Hence Moe Syzslak.
Those of you who adore The Simpson's  like hubby dear and sweet child will understand.
Bathed,Christened and dewormed, his vaccinations start from tomorrow.
He has a bed, sweet dog Romeo's old blanket and a dirty stare from the green eyed monster that suddenly seems to have taken root in sweet dog Romeo's eyes.
He seems to be hungry always. PS, the vet was impressed by MoeSyzslak-though not by the name that we had chosen...four white paws and a star on his  forehead and the sandy colour of a well bred dog.
He must have had good antecedents.
Snuggling up to the warm hearted...
 Leashed for the first time today,he was disgusted.
And Whiney...
 And freedom seems to be a better prospect than a parle g biscuit.
 After a full meal and a short walk,his favourite posture...
So,that's Moe Syzslak for you.
So what if he is not pedegreed, or have a sire etc registered at the Kennel Club of India or whatever...his heart is pure.
And we have welcomed him into our lives.
I only wonder what his name will morph into...I already hear a Moe...
And even a Moes...
Our little furry baby...well ,he's the new baby at home.
So ,Cheers ...

Regular updates coming up...

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Until the next


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