Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stepping Stones -A career in Medicine

Shonda Rhimes is my favorite creator of TV shows. I am not a TV junkie ,but Greys Anatomy is my favorite TV show.
I have done marathons with popcorn and coffee to end up with puffy eyes ,but a decidedly happy feeling in my heart.
Doctors can work miracles.
Sometimes, they can't but mostly they try. Its not that I have a squeamish streak, I know that had I tried hard enough I could have been anything other than a baker...
I could be creating 3d ears with the new printers for crying out loud...
But when I think back , I'd rather create the ears with Fondant, thank you. 
However, baking is not a career choice that I would recommend to the children in class 9 or 10 or in the most important 11th or 12th. 
Those who are indeed impressed by Dr Derek Shepherd or Dr Meredith Grey ,a career in medicine is a very good option in india.
If you count on your fingertips, there are only 671 medical colleges in India. So on an average, we produce only about 20000 doctors yearly. For a population size of 1.3 billion human souls ,this is a pitiable number. 
I am aware that admission into medical colleges is probably the most difficult thing to get in our country ,but if students can secure 99% or percentile in their class 12 or senior secondary examinations  then I don't think cracking the AIPMT exams should be a big deal. Yes ,it needs your sweat and blood and tears and maybe some sacrifices of staying disconnected from the world ,but the efforts will pay off soon. In monetary terms and blessings and success. 
The problems most parents and children face are in getting the right guidance and correct information. 
Since my child is also at that stage where he has decisions to make and a goal to centre all his efforts for, I have begun scouting and noting information that may be useful later.
College Dunia offers such a platform where information to all Medical Entrance list and all entrance exams and to the most elite medical College in India-AIIMS is given in detail. The AIIMS entrace exam details are stated in detail here.
The entrance exams are clubbed under the All India Pre Medical Test.
Find out more by logging into the website and going through all info provided.

Remember, forewarned is forearmed.
After all this is a battle that you have to win.
If you have a dream ,have the strength to achieve it.
Best of luck!


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