Thursday, May 21, 2015

Myntra App An Affair to Remember

My Myntra App... #ItsPersonal .
An affair to remember.
There are things that a woman and a man must share. Chores, sentiments, jokes, loans,dreams...whatever.
But never Clothes!
Nor a phone ,for that matter. Not that I am all for encouraging adultery and all that. I am a one man woman...but my phone I will share not! not my favourite T-Shirts- I don't want them getting shapeless.
I believe its good to share...unload all your troubles on him. After all that's what God gave men broad shoulders for...right?
So what they are supposed to ,they must bear.
But bless them ,they never understand our needs.
How many men do you know realize the importance of 65 pairs of shoes. Men can go through life in four pairs and never really know why they had four anyways.
For us women ,all those 65 pairs are significant.
I think women should be allowed to shop from their personal palm top devices aka smart phones without having to look over their shoulders ,because hubby dear will certainly not understand the 66th pair.
And the best thing Myntra can do , is offer night time discounts for women . So when hubby dear is snoring beside us...that would be the perfect time to shop.
And when stuff is available with offers...
Double Whammy.
I have another suggestion for Myntra App #ItsPersonal.
Limited Edition.
I don't want to see my colleague wear the same shirt as me. Myntra is not Chain Store.
So maybe myntra can note down our friend lists and filter out to not allow what I have bought to appear on my colleagues Myntra App Home Page. Let it be really #ItsPersonal!
Myntra should also start offering accessories to match the outfits. Imagine being able to pick and choose an entire ensemble at one time.
The most important thing should be the delivery.
Courier delivery only after checking if Hubby dear, Mom in Law etc are not around...what they don't know wont hurt them!
They are best kept to pay bills.
My shopping at the Myntra App has always been a good experience, with returns and product quality services that have always been excellent.
Here's hoping that my Myntra App #ItsPersonal experience is an Affair to Remember. 

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