Sunday, May 10, 2015

Remember My Words, My Son

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Sweet Child ,
You are the blood of my soul, so you are the dearest. I may fret, I may fume but,my all my anger ,disappointment or disgust just disappears the second you reach out to hug me. You stand at the  threshold of this crazy world. Balancing on a fine thread.
Today, when you handed me that Mother's day card to store for posterity,I felt that I must give you something in return.
That may not be a party favor,but hopefully something concrete enough for you to build you life on and keep you grounded.
Something like the rock St Peter built Jesus' church on.
I know ,we are not an overtly religious family. But we are God fearing. And we believe that good comes around. So ,never forget these few words that I have penned here.
I keep saying these to you,but the written word has a deeper impact,no?

I believe its always easier to tell the truth.
That's what I have been doing...its easier on the grey cells. The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said. Imagine having to to take notes to keep tabs on all the fibs that you have told. It will be murderously crazy , having to refer to your notes before you speak. Every time.
If you are honest, there will be no better gift you'll be giving to yourself. You will know exactly when to put your Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse down to pick up your physics text book. After all, the grades and the glory will all be yours. I will only be able to brag about all A1s in your report card.
If you are honest to yourself,you will know which boys and girls you need to hang out with. Whether their being impressed with your Nike Air Max shoes is worth the the effort of having fair weather friends.
Remember, being honest will ensure that you have fewer friends and that you may not be the most popular boy in class, but your friends will always be good people.
If only honesty is so deeply ingrained in you,will you be able to tell right from wrong.
And today, where you stand, at this precipice ,it is of utmost importance.

I am your mother. I can tell when you are telling me the truth. Don't give me reason to be able to detect a lie. You know, I will forgive you murder. What I will never forgive, is your breaching my faith in your ability to tell the truth.
We are simple people.
You , me and your father.
That is what binds us together. We have not a conniving bone in our bodies. We work hard at what we do. We are honest in our respective professions. We make sure that our output is impeccable. We are honest to ourselves and to our work.That allows no one to pick any shortcomings in what we have done. So ,thanks to our honesty to ourselves we can look people in the eye and stand tall. neither of us has to bend over backwards to hide any misdemeanours. I want you to stand tall and strong. And I want people to think before they ask you to do anything dishonest.
Because they know you wont.
You were taught well!
Because someone taught me well too.

At the end of the day , remember ,it is all about  your peace of mind and courage of conviction.

So go ahead an do all that you are supposed to, and maybe a little of what you are not...but tell the truth. Always.
Especially to yourself.


I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.


Teny said...

Good one on the Mother's Day :)

lifestalker said...

simply beautiful... :)

Sweet said...

Thanks :-)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I hope all children read your letter and realise the power of truth. At the same time, we parents need to ponder whether we are following these principles.

Sweet said...

Aww thanks..

D.Nambiar said...

Well put, Shalini.
Seriously -- the work the mind has to do when we lie! And the number of lies you have to tell to cover up that one lie! That's a lot of work.

Great advice. And yes, being honest gets you just the right friends. This post makes total sense to me.

Belated Mother's Day wishes to you and your mom! :)

Sweet said...

Thanks D.Nambiar ...kind words

Until the next

Until the next


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