Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Burst of Colour to Brighten your Day -Bed Bath and More

Colour is like food for the spirit- plus it's not addictive or fattening.
                                                                                                           Isaac Mizrahi

Coming from a food blogger that is saying it all.
Imagine , your plate in front of you and not a wee bit of colour to entice you.
Totally unappetising.
Look around,if your walls are a plain, grazed , wasted shade of white or an industrial shade of chalky yellow,how monotonous your world would be.
No shiny pale white palate ,no a accented highlights wall, just plain ,boring ,dull un-coloured ,muted colours.
Instead of resigning oneself to a colourless existence because it is so difficult to reach a paint store and decide the colour of your bed room walls in dismal lights and sad surroundings, Bed Bath And More offer you an easy solution.
For those of us who love the virtual world ,this is a fantastic way to make what is virtual our reality.
All you need is the #PaintFinder on the Bed Bath And More website.
Of course the website has a whole hoard of tempting and inviting stuff to add beauty to the freshly painted walls that you will want after you run your fingers on the colours put here.
Did you even know colours had such appetising names?
And that Yellow Gold is the life of this world.

It's just so warm and enticing and gives such good vibes.
It shows that you are good natured  and affable and enjoy a good sense of humour.
So naturally,there will always be laughter around you.
And where there is laughter, love and friends and food can never be far behind.
And when you're a part of a household that has love laugher friends and good food, happiness will always trail you.
I would love to bring this sunshine colour into my bedroom,so that the first Ray's of the sun can transfer their energy to my walls and I can draw from them through out the day.
And choosing the colour is so easy.
Jus choose the paint shade and then try out the various nuances and tones and hues.
And once you decide on what shade you want, feed in the wall area and doors and windows And Bed Bath and More will deliver your shade card to you ,so you can decide on your final choice.
The colour will be computer coded and made and Voilà,you have your own personal sunshine.

My other favourite room is my kitchen. Imagine as a food blogger this is where I should be spending most of my day.
Even when I am not baking for my blog, I am cooking for my boys and for friends.
So this my choice of brick red colour echoes my tenaciousness and flaunt my labor of love , my food.

In a room so serene and positive,I cannot but make the best of cakes and cookies and desserts. The will to live life fully is borrowed from the colours that surround us. And here ,the walls are a beautiful shade of red. It will drive away monotony and spread love.
Sit in front of the walls that bore you, imagine vivid colours with a little help from the #PaintFinder and start your journey to a newer ,transformed you . Allows Bed Bath and more's Colour Therapy to work its magic on you.
Surf the website, get stuck, book mark pages, check out your favourite decor elements that will make the wall paints stand out and do this.


 “I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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