Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel and the Need for Speed

Take me for an example.
I am in love with the Internet.
I am simultaneously carrying on four relationships. One obviously to the man I married. Yup,that is the most important relationship in my life. And that runs with lots of love and happiness and tantrums thrown and the fights and making up and looking out for each other and stuff. He knows me well and panders to my idiosyncratic behaviour,as do I,well most of the time.
And one relationship is with sweet child. That has to be special,because I am a mom.
What is the real deal, is my clandestine relationship with my smart phone and my iPad. I ensure they are fed -as in charged, or carry a power bank. I ensure my wifi router is a super fast hyper router. And that my phone and internet bills are paid on time.
Even before my grocery bills and school fees are paid.
But what will the internet do for my phone if I am not home bound?then my smartphone would be hiccuping and I would not be able to access any website.
Now you see why I need my speed.
The speed of Airtel 4G.
Imagine ,I'm out for dinner and want to post my location on my social network sites. If the internet network is not super fast 4G speed ,I'll have left before my friends know I'm at that hip and happening restaurant. Awfully tragedy resulting from a handicapped network that does not have superb connectivity like the Airtel 4G network.
Imagine the loss to society and my fellow food bloggers if I don't tweet or Facebook or blog the pictures of the dishes I order at restaurants. I sacrifice so much for putting up those pictures. With most networks,I have to endure the curse of the food blogger. By the time the pictures are taken and uploaded and tweeted and I see a few likes, the food bloggers dish will be ice cold and clammy and unappetising.
But thanks to the airtel 4G Sabse  tez,super fast network,I'll finally be able to taste my food while it's still hot. And enjoy the yummy dish a little more because of the innumerable likes  my food pictures have got.
And just because the Airtel 4G network is super fast,it doesn't meant that  I need to pay excessive Internet bills. It means that I will still be paying the same amount of money ,but will enjoy the super fast speed that Airtel 4G will give me .
So now as a blogger, a social media influencer and a friend to all those zaroori friends, I'll always be available.
And I am swanky👌.
And the best thing is that this Airtel 4G connection  can be ordered with just a tweet #GetAirtel4G and your new connection sim card will be home delivered to you in as soon as 4 hours.
So that's a five star rating for a mobile network that works in all corners of the country -in 296 cities  to be precise.
Now is this not something special ?
So go get your new Airtel 4G connection because  remember if you can find a  mobile network with Internet connectivity faster than Airtel4G , they'll pay your bills lifelong.
Isse tez aur kuch nahin 


Jiggyasa said...

"I am simultaneously carrying on four relationships." , and my eyes popped out ...heheh. Airtel surely looks promising with its 4G network. Lagta hai isse fast kuch bhi nahi :)

Sweet said...

Jiggyasa so happy to know that I am not the only one. Sometimes I feel like I'm such an aberration. Thank god forfellow bloggers . Thanks for visiting Baketitude

Shail said...

They need to pay my bill lifelong. I have a totally useless 4G connection from Airtel, not asked for, but provided. The first thing I heard about it was when they rang me up to say the sim card has been dispatched. Truth be known, I was well connected, posting location and food pics on 3G, but with 4G I am struggling! :'(

Until the next

Until the next


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