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Book Review- Second Spring by Sandhya Jane

Book Review 
ISBN :978-0-9906-3740-0 (India Book House)
Genre : Romance
Pages :288
Published by India Book House

I joined the #BrunchBookChallenge at the beginning of the year 2016 , if only to keep track of the books I read.
Looking back on the years gone by, the genres of my choice have been so predictable- blood, murder,crime ,conspiracy theories, historical crimes and all that blah. 
Oh and I love romance too. Mills and Boon romances have always been the lifter of my sagging spirits. They reiterate my optimism and belief in the indomitable female spirit.
So when hubby dear went to check out the new library in his office, he picked up an intense Crime fiction written by James Rollins for me,knowing for sure I would read it. 
My heart was warmed plenty by the gesture,but I could only ask myself,"Am I that predictable?"
That doesn't bode too well for the woman in me.
So I need to dither from the path oft traveled.
So I saw Blogadda offering copies of a romantic story written by an Indian author, I so needed to click on the link.

Absolutely no crime,not even a slap. No, Not a passionate "I couldn't help myself but have sex with him" kind of a story either.
And it's not yet a soon to be a motion picture story either. I know it's not good news financially for the writer, but it's an unadulterated story.
I'm not going to put in spoilers ,only that the ending is happy.

I started the book with few expectations . 
And wasn't too thrilled with the book being written in first person almost as a diary entry.
Two versions, one the female perspective and the other the male protagonists side.
The characters well thought out.
The lady ,very strong,independent,individualistic and focused.
The man, ambitious,rooted ,aware of his shortcomings and not conniving. He is portrayed to have very strong family ties.
That Mes Amis, is rare to see nowadays.
Youngsters are generally portrayed to be opportunistic and ruthless. Especially when they see an older woman in play.
Well, he seems like a boy with a good value system.
I hope my son turns out like that too.

As the pages turned quickly by,the narrative grew on me. Circumstances portrayed are exceptionally really life like. It doesn't feel far fetched  at all. 
While reading this book , Nida Fazli's couplet rang well in my mind...

    Kabhi  kissi ko mukkamal jahan nahi milta,
    Kahin zameen to Kahin aasaman nahin milta...

(Nobody ever gets it all in life. There'll always be just one thing missing...)

A successful young professional, with an adorable son and a wonderfully supportive family doesn't have a man in her life. And then he enters , And wrecks havoc.
Then he leaves and takes away all that she has painstakingly built.
She tries to build it up once again, but makes sacrifices on the professional front and then it all works out in the end.

That's the most of the story. 
Sandhya Jane has taken an unorthodox approach to the love story, keeping the love alive . The plot and interesting people she weaves into the story keep the pages turning.
And as a good love story should end...
All is well that ends well.

Suffice to say, I will be recommending this book to many. Not because of the love story type angle. But because the words made me all fuzzy and warm and happy inside.

It's rare ,you see a book like so,from an Indian author.
So kudos to you,Sandhya Jane.
May you write many more such warm fuzzy stories.

Be sure to send them to me to review .

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