Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pause Wines-Life Can Wait

For all those who know not, is a wine produced from the Shiraz grape.
And well, in India,the best grapes grow in and around Nasik, Maharashtra. Therefore,all premium vintners (those who make wine) are based around here.
So when a Mumbai based Vintner asked if they could send me a bottle of their prize winning Shiraz, how could I refuse.
I have dabbled in wine...
But I must confess that a sommelier,I am not.
I know my reds from my white. I know a white wine must be chilled,whereas a red wine may be had at room temperature. 
I know you must swirl the wine in the glass and catch the whiff of the aromas it has immersed in each drop.
And I know that I must simply not gulp it down, but swirl it around my mouth too.
Well for someone who appreciates a pint of beer , and why an expensive Vodka doesn't need a juice and has just discerned why single malt is worth every rupee you pay for never figured in the must try list.
Oh, we've done the polite one glass of wine stuff...but never with the intent to appreciate it for what it was.
So this bottle arrives at my door,just when the food delivery guy brought I the tandoori chicken.
And I do know that spicy Indian cuisine is perfect with Red Wine. 
Pinot Noir to be precise.(Googled it)
So we open this bottle.
And poured out a glass.
And that food blogger before food.
And the mandatory swirl and sniff and swigs in the mouth...
So, I have the last glass beside me...
Right now.
And it is tangy.
It smells of fruit and summer and dry skies.
It's a deep purple red.
The alcohol content is 13%, which is more than the strongest beer.
And it pairs well with tandoori chicken.
And other spicy Indian food. The wine should be cold ,but not chilled.  That made the taste better.
It doesn't leave a sour after taste.
The information provided by on this Shiraz and a wide array of other beautiful sounding wines.

At Rs675 for 750mils and Rs350 for 375 mils , the wine is not too expensive.
It's a lovely experience in every sip.
I'm not an  experienced wine drinker, but I was happy.
And the sommeliers have awarded this a Silver Medal at the 2009 SIWC.

So pick up that bottle of Shiraz Pause Wines from that aisle in the Liquor store -and if someone brings it to your home, open it and serve it for dinner.
Or maybe, just enjoy it yourself.
You deserve some special time and wine for yourself.

Whatever else may be there in store for you.

Life can wait.

Until the next

Until the next


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