Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Selamet Datang and a Teh Tarik

Yes ,not English here.
If you did notice ,I have been MIA -Missing in Action from blogosphere here.
Baketitude has been part of the Mega Familiarisation trip to Malaysia these last few days.Being a Media VIP with three other writers enjoying the legendary Malaysian hospitality in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
Well,What can I say?
The last few days have been a wonderful experience.  For once I can respond with more that "Same old,Same old" to "Hows Life?"
Shonita Joshi learning just how we say Selamet Datang.
Five crazy days with strangers who became friends  before parting at the airport. An education for me...I re learnt what it is to be young again and forget the "Been there done that" phrase that I repeat often.
And it started at the Mumbai International Airport.  We boarded the Malaysian Airlines MH195 to Kuala Lumpur at about 2330hrs and were welcomed by pretty stewardesses with a Selamet Datang. At that moment all one could think of was reaching safely.
The stewardessesbseemed nice...

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport, we were welcomed by our super friendly Ground Handler and tour Guide Mr Azhar Esmi at. He welcomed us with a Selamet Datang again and a Salaam al lekum...
Hosted at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel ,Kuala Lumpur we were welcomed with traditional Malaysian Hospitality and a Teh Tarik.
Teh Tarik... or Pulled tea.
Teh Tarik

Sweet , warm and full bodied ,this cup of tea was frothy and brought back the taste of home.
Served with a cookie and a shot of was great.
In the next leg of our journey at the g Hotel -Kelawai ,Penang ultra chic and contemporary- ,I saw how it was made.

Typical Tamil vest and belt and lungi and Teh tarik.
I have to redo this tea.

For the

Teh Tarik or Pulled Tea

you need

3 tsp tea leaves to make a strong brew
100 mils condensed milk- Milkmaid.

Boil the tea leaves with 2 cups of water till you get a strong brew.
Strain into a saucepan into the condensed milk.
Pour this mix from one saucepan to another pulling your hands apart.
Steady does it...don't make sudden movements or you just might spill it on yourself and scald your skin or worse ,if it falls on the ground, you.ll need to mop many times or face Ant Attacks...
The condensed milk helps you get a good froth.
OK , I saw the technique only in Penang though. Bukit Bintang,  Kuala Lumpur is too cosmopolitan to have Teh Tarik stalls. But the dinner Buffet at the hotel G, Penang and the food stalls at the end of the Persiaran Gurney, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre sure had them.

Now pour into a pretty glass and enjoy.
This is the first impression of Malaysia and a very warm one at that.
Selamet Datang.
Teh Tarik is the Malaysian National drink , as famous as Nasi Lemak. Coming there...
The skill in tarik-ing or pulling the tea is what pulls a lot of people to certain vendors.  The condensed milk balances the flavor of the tea. So its a little familiar but then not so...

This is just the beginning, you wont want to miss the excitement of the shopping carnival...come back for more to know more about
Malaysia, Truly Asia and #TourismMalaysia.

Come back for more...
Oh and the real reason,the Shopping Festival...

I'll be recounting my adventures ,but not chronologically- I'm too old to learn to follow the dikats of time...

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Until the next


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