Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey, I love you -Dabur

Some thing sweet to start the day and somethimg sweet to end the day.
Sweet is the order of the day for a dessert before main course person.
I am Sweet.
For the longest time ,I never used my given name online . I was "Sweet".
Well I am Sweet.
And the best thing to sweeten my day -Honey. Dabur Honey is my choice any day.
And it really knows how to sweeten my disposition.
I start my day with a glass of warm  water . The juice of a couple of lemons and a couple of spoons of Dabur Honey.
Now that I am on a sabbatical from work so I enjoy my fresh fruit and green tea breaks . My fruit and green tea and probiotics inspired diet is all thanks to the news flashes that we keep getting bombarded by face book and whats app and email forwards.
All these news flashes talk about checks and balances.Honey and lemon juice in the morning with warm water is a drink that is an elixir.
Like the balance of flavours. Sweet and sour.
This warm drink is what keeps me going.
I have not needed my morning cup of caffeine for more than a decade now.
Other than my allergic rhinitis flaring up once in a while, me succumbing to the flu is extremely rare.
I have clear skin with the rarest of rare acne peeping out to check if the world is still functional.This for me is a wonder, because my teenage years were all Clearasil  and Clean and Clear doused.
My digestive system functions well and I am generally free of tummy aches and upset.
I don't have morning breath and am energised and ready to go early in the morning.
"2 minutes" rings true for us. The ease it offers is down right amazing.
A full meal in two minutes, by just boiling water and adding pre cooked noodles or pasta...
Or just by paying a bill and driving trough to the next counter...
But there are no free lunches.
Even if you pay for them.
Somewhere that quick meal will leave behind its dirty footprint in your body.
And those of us who starve ourselves to fit into that little red dress,soon realise how difficult it is to control binges. Because crash diets are disastrous for nutrition loss to our bodies.
Suddenly cutting down all sources of protein and carbohydrate and essential fats and oils to the body does extreme amount of harm to the body in the long run.
Long term effects will encompass something like dull and patchy skin tones, muscle loss leading to slower metabolism ,lethargy ,sluggishness,hair loss,being prone to illnesses and so many more problems .
So be insouciant enough going against the desires to achieve results super fast and take it slow and steady.
Add honey to your lemon water every morning and sweeten your smoothies and tart desserts with Dabur honey instead of refined sugar and reap the benefits as old as time.
Your body will thank you for the change some day soon.
So make a change today. Add honey to your daily routine as the  #HoneyDietIsHere

Until the next

Until the next


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