Friday, July 17, 2015

Of Kuala Lumpur and Some Food

That Malaysian Holiday,it was all about the food , but I would be doing KL  a great disservice by not blogging about the mighty Petronas.

These are the most iconic of all buildings in the world-The Petronas Towers.
I learnt two things here.
    1. That vertigo is not to be laughed about.
    2. That Dan Brown has forced me to look for symbols in whatever monument I see and question them. However bizzare they may be. Here it was the Rub el Hizb Islamic symbol. The two overlapping squares in unicode (8 pointed star)ending the Arabic Chapter in Calligraphy. I read about it first after I noticed it in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

This picture was taken after the Suriya KlCC experience.
Majestic , these twin towers 86 levels high . And with a concrete ,steel and glass facade. Oh and the Sky Bridge is where I realised that vertigo comes to one and all.
41 and 42 levels above and all you can see is the clean and planned  BBKLCC /Golden triangle or the Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre area of KL city. The observation deck is at the 86th level.
Suria KLCC houses a shopping complex of upmarket brands and offices. Small tableaus recreating village life and Kites had been set up in honor of the holy month of Ramadan . Salam Aidilfitri is the greeting of the hour, a way to greet the people in the holy month of Ramadaan.

Before the ascent to the two stages-one to the sky walk bridge -the 41st floor at 170m and then the deck at level 86, you will be guided by a virtual presentation. This little boy had the time if his life walking through the video.
The Petronas Sky Bridge is almost like a walk in the sky. I needed the force to be with me... Luke ...Luke...
Solar panels and the logo of the Suria KLCC visible from the 41st level skybridge.
The ride up to the 86th level was in two stages...level 83 and then up three levels to the observation deck. This was the coolest thing. The interactive TVs could read the bar code on our tickets and produce visuals.

I tried looking out and taking pics from the observation deck but I was beginning to feel giddy.
A few more pics...

So I sat and looked around.
There's more about the BBKLCC and stuff but it was time for dinner already. At the Big Apple Restaurant in the Berjaya Times Square ,Kuala Lumpur ,dinner was served.

Iftaar is the meal at the end of the Ramadaan fast and is had at 7:28pm after the prayer  plays on the Radio.

Rose drink and pitted dates
 So every one fills up their plates and waits patiently for the fast to end. The Ramadan fast ends with a date and a sip of the Rose drink.
While wandering, I checked out the dessert platter first.
Such a huge array of fruit and sweets. I had tried the Malaysian Papaya and melons the same morning and of course the star fruit and Dragon fruit are common enough in India. But ,I had only ever tried the Rambutan in a can.

I wasn't quite sure how to open it... camera in my hand you see...
So flash a smile and you get tons of information.

                    A fresh Rambutan is firm ,sweet and tastes similar to a lychee. Its a lot easier to peel and the seed is smaller. The mango steen was thankfully peeled and the startfruit sliced. I loved the star fruit here. Tart and sweet and juicy.
Spread of Ciku-Cheeku,Rambutan starfruit,Rose Apple(from crocodile and monkey story) etc
The ones we get in India are way too tart to eat without the requisite masala salt. This was delicate and  not as tart but sweet-nice.

Bite sized desserts made of Pandan leaf and also the Malaysian Kuih.
The cookies were different too,ubiquitous chocolate fountain and snowy marsh mallows...
I tried coating my dragon fruit slice in chocolate too...Strawberries taste way better.

That was the pièce de resistance. 
A huge barbecued lamb with roast vegetables.
And gravy. All nicely carved out for you.
When you have the lamb, the veggies are just add-ons.

  There was a slew of accompaniments, pickles, relishes and preserves. Fish-Anchovies seemed to be the favourite. Beef and chicken and veggies were served too                               Salted duck eggs quartered were being enjoyed too.

That was the chef doing tempura. He did oyster(or was it scallop?) and squid tempura for us.
Lemme say I am not really partial to  Japanese cuisine.  I love my flavours strong and my music loud.
So wasabi is good. But a tempura does not inspire my taste buds so.

The chicken and the roast mutton and barbeque's we eat here In India too. I was more interested in the fresh sea food . And I had a taste of it all.

Coming up, more food adventures in Malaysia...


Kalpana said...

Great pic of you with the Petronas towers. Very informative post.

Unknown said...

Da Vinci Code got me interested in symbols too. Lovely views from the top. Great read Shalini.

Sweet said...

Kalpana thanks...

Sweet said...

Somali I adore Dan Brown and thr stories he tells... I seem to search for mysteries and free masins every where now... thanks for visiting baketitude. ..

Tales of Travelling Sisters said...

Great pics! Would love to try all the delicious food on our next visit to Kuala Lumpur :)

Sweet said...

thanks... what fun it must be to travel with your sisters. .. real or otherwise. .

Until the next

Until the next


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