Monday, June 15, 2015

Of Energy and Music

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening, 
And live like its heaven on earth.
                      William Purkey

"Stop pumping your arms like that are looking silly." 
Lakshita chose to ignore her boyfriend who was supposed to be training her in the gym. He had told her that he would be her driving force. Lakshita cranked up the volume of her mp3 player ,feigning ignorance , but Kavin stepped off his treadmill to stop hers .
She hated being forcibly stopped. She turned to look at the only guy who had wanted to be her boyfriend in the two years she had been in college. All the girls in her class were in a relationship and she did not want to be a pariah.
For the first time in her life she had been motivated to lose weight...
"What Kavin? Why did you stop me like this ? I could've got hurt."
"Moti ,you have so many layers of fat around your tummy , that will cushion any injury. " He smirked.
"Don't move your arms like that . You are looking funny . Its embarrassing, everyone is watching you . walk properly on the treadmill. "
Lakshita felt tears sting her eyes. Kavin always made fun of her. She wondered if this rudeness was worth being part of the pack. 
She got off the treadmill and walked towards the exit.
"Don't eat too much after the exercise Moti. See you tomorrow. " Kavin called after her and went back to pumping  his weights.

 Lakshita signed out of the gym and walked out angry . She was beginning to enjoy the routine and had also lost a few inches. The weighing scale had just begun to show lower numbers.
But she swore ,she would never work out with him again.
She went home feeling disgusted with her self. She was about to attack the bread box and have her comfort food of toast and butter when her next door neighbor called out to her from the kitchen window.
 "Lakshita have you joined a gym? You're loosing weight. Good..,I was telling my cousin how focused you are ,you are so inspiring na....even I want to try. " Lakshita smiled at Diva and said to her "Sure."
She left the bread box as it was and went to her room to turn on the tv. MTV always had good music. She decided to carry on her workouts at home now. The college was closing for the Autumn break anyway.  She just started dancing to the beats of the music playing.And found that her feet moved naturally.  She googled dance steps and found many dance routines on you tube.
And then what. ..loud ,pulsating music and blood pumping dance. That was what she was doing.
The scales began tipping in her favour and she began avoiding Kavin like the plague. It was easy ,he had always felt as though he was doing her a favor anyways. Try outs for tje college festival had begun , and she was selected for the college dance team... her joy knew no bounds.
And suddenly, Kavin was being nice to her. But she realized that she didn't need any boy to make her feel accepted. 
On the day of the festival, when the troupe was getting ready in the green room ,she heard that Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun would be performing after their event. Thanks to her south Indian roots she knew what a rocking dancer Allu Arjun was.
After their extremely applauded dance performance they vacated the stage for Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun.  And then the magic began .Anushka belted outhigh energy numbers and Allu Arjun never missed a beat. She was watching from the first row when he held out his hand to invite her to dance. She was frozen and her friends pushed her onto the stage. Once on , she matched him step for each step and he was grinning. ... you are a fantastic dancer. And then he kissed her....
The was so energized, she could fly.Together they had made her so special. 
Anushka came forward to congratulate Lakshita on a beautiful fresh performance. 

Lakshita now realized that you don't need anyone to complete you. Just your belief in yourself. 

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