Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Premium Economy Class and a Little Extra

Standing at a Gourmet food store counter, I refused to bat an eyelid as I saw the numbers move.  My heart was pinging in tune with the cash register though.
Much as I wanted desperately to run like a screeching banshee,hugging my credit card (OK -hubby dears) and my Coach wallet(gifted-if you  please) as close to my self as possible- I did not.
In fact ,I never even looked at the price of the small tub of "Imported " mayonnaise that sweet child casually dumped into the shopping basket, I smiled.
And when I signed on the card receipt, I actually had the nerve to chat with the cashier.
I knew that I could have bought this tiny clutch of groceries at my neighbourhood ,air conditioned Kiryana shop for less than half the amount.
But, as I walked away, the guy at the counter offered me a cheese platter to taste.
And then another one asked me to try their freshly brewed white oolong tea and also offered to carry my bags till the door...
My bags weren't that heavy, and I have never had to carry shopping bags anyways,but that offer did me in.
My credit card limits are high, never been maxed though.
I enjoy the best that life has to offer,but I just needed to get out of that jugaad business.
I could have trudged to swampy, muddy Crawford Market and bargained and saved a few bucks.But my very original Coach wallet and Nike Air Max shoes would have looked fake there , and I would have missed out on the hors d'oeuvres tasting.
I enjoyed being treated like Donald Trump ,even if it was for a while. For just that little extra that I had to pay, that luxury was priceless.
I have arrived. I love the idea of the free Paan or the sookha papdi and extra paani, and one extra carry bag to show off that I shop at fabindia,but I'd rather not.
I have arrived.
I may be middle class,having to count my pennies, but I have enough to spare. And I now expect to be traeted no less than royalty.
When I travel Cattle Class or Economy, I expect mopre than what the regular airlines will offer. I expect my journey to be full #PaisaVasool.
Here's how... its worth more . Much more than you paid for. So that your money stretches as far as it can go.

  • More Baggage-2 bags 23kgs each. So now you and I can cart the zeera powder, papads and pickles for the siblings living abroad. And bring back more stuff without paying for excess baggage.
  • More Exclusivity- a peaceful lounge to wait for the flight to be announced.For a nominal charge you and I can charge our drinks...
  • More importance...a welcome drink, a drink holder, personal water bottles, phone /laptop chargers for that #PaisaVasool feeling of getting the max for your money spent...
  • More seats brand new ,comfy seats to sink your rear into and settle comfortably for the long haul flight.

  • More Relaxation extra leg space for which proves to be a boon for taller people. This nifty little foot rest that helps you settle down easily.

  •  Imagine this in economy-all the #PaisaVasool luxury you can gather from an economy ticket.

You believe stretching like this is possible at a low cost fare? Isn't it bang for your buck?The real #PaisaVasool.

  • And this pretty little kit to ensure you wake fresh, something to help you sleep and then reach your destination as if the journey was never there. I have a thing for collecting these little pouches. Don't you? #PaisaVasool. Part of my ticket ,it was.
  • Airline food! Airline food! Never the greatest. But this looks different. Light, nutritious and wholesome too. Just the right amount and #PaisaVasool quantity.

  • More entertainment.Large screens and a full list of entertainment programmes to while away the journey time.                                               

There is more of everything on the Lufthansa Premium Economy Class for the price of a simple economy class ticket you get so much more. Isn't that what #PaisaVasool is all about?
In style?
Check out the details here on this advert.

And next time...lets fly #LufthansaPremiumEconomy.

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Gemstone said...

Thanks for this Lovely Review of this Airline . Very Helpfull.

Amit lamba

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Until the next


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