Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Money Book- An Organiser Par Excellence

I like receiving gifts,even they come in the form of little handy hardbound dairies.
My Money Book is just that.
A handy dandy little dairy that has all the space for you to duly note down,systematically, all the investment s you and your family have made and a proper place to note down all relevant information.
Hubby dear and sweet dad are extremely systematic.  One trusts the Internet, whereas the other has a deep mistrust for storing important information online.
No its the other way round.
Sweet dad ,is the one who has full faith in Google and all websites.  But ,just to be safe ,all his important documents et al are printed out and filed in folders ,in a sequence that only he can comprehend.
Hubby dear on the other hand ,commits a lot to memory, his note pad and printouts.
He has this mnemonic for remembering when insurance policies are to be paid up and when bills are to be paid etc.
Unfortunately for most of the adult population, memories cannot really sustain all relevant dates(yeah ,thats why birthdays are forgotten?) and invariably dates will slip.
God forbid, if one forgot insurance premiums dates and an accident occurs...
That will be a heavy price to pay to be unorganized.
So for those lost souls ,this little Red Book My Money Book can prove to be a blessing.
It looks like a regular diary.
But is a gold mine of information which could be your life life.

1. Hard Bound-hence long life
This little red treasure is hard bound and quite slim. So your financial details could be stored in a slim water proof folder in a safe place. You wont have to worry about any loose sheets or covers tearing.  So My Money Book will probably last you longer than most of your insurance policies.

2. Organized Data /Info Entry
There are four sections in this book.
    a. My Insurance Policies- covering life ,health ,motor and property insurance with columns to fill in details about the company ,policy date ,premium due date ,sum assured etc. There are three pages to note details for Motor insurance too. So if you are like me, you will invariably forget to pay the smaller cars insurance-My Money book will be a handy reminder.
   b.My Bank Details - wherein one can note all details of account numbers, IFSC codes ,credit card details and locker numbers etc. One can also note the items stored in the bank lockers too.
   c. My loans- You can note all loan details to help you keep your finances in check.

   d.My Investments-Proper columns to note mutual fund folio numbers, scheme names SIP tenures and what have you , so you font have to depend on information linked to your pan card online. For me ,this is the best part of the book. I had lost my folio numbers of certain mutual funds I had invested in and had a harrowing time getting printouts from the consultants.

3. Payment logs
You can keep track of payments made and premiums due dates ,thanks to the simplicity of the column headings.  Guaranteed to never let you down ,so you can note down the date the payment was made , vide which instrument etc.

4. No fear of hackers/Hard Discs getting corrupted or Crashing.
Pen and paper are always a good idea. You'll know that they are always safe. Hard drives can crash and take all your financial details with them or hackers could use the information to steal from you. So My Money Book is a safe way to store financial details.

5. Simple and easy to use
My Money Book is so simple that any family member may be able use it maybe in your absence. They wont have to go through your documents and make financial faux pas like noting incorrect back account numbers or wrong policy details (yes ,I have done that - don't blame me ,blame the fine print on the documents). Really helpful.  All you need is to fill the details from the original documents and you are good to go.

My only suggestion is that My Money Book should come in a waterproof folder with a few pockets for just a few documents.
Just so that in the time lag between making payments and entering details ,the receipts are not lost.
Why waterproof, so that in the event of a flood or a leakage or simply a coffee spillage the details stay safe.

Overall, I am impressed.  I am giving my copy to Hubby dear and am going to manage one more for my dad so they they can keep their records planned and safe.

Full marks to Exide life insurance, for bringing this handy dandy My Money Book.

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