Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's not FAST it's SUPER FAST-Airtel 4G

All us smart phone junkies and Internet addicts know what gets our blood boiling.
If it's super charged , there's nothing better. And we still believe that there is nothing better than 3G.
A little status update , a quick phone call , a funny sign that must be tweeted...
Only this generation can understand that pressing need to have connectivity Right Now.
The smiles stay till the towers stay.
And when those towers begin to fade and disappear...all the curses one can think of come sliding down ones tongue.
But hey ,the next time your GPS begins to look like a beeping blue dot and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere,remember ,help is at hand.
Help in the form of those two beautiful letters...4G.
You've graduated from 2G to 3G taking for granted the better speed and the fast downloads. Always wishing for that extra edge.
There's nothing wrong with your phone baby ,don't shake it like Shakira.
3G can only allow you so many bits and bytes per second.
What you really should be doing is switching over to 4G. After lustfully coveting the SUPERFAST download speed on your super smartphone,it's time to earn your 4G.
There's no need to worry about your prepaid balance or the data charges of your post paid mobile phone.
Airtel now offers 4G speed and you'll be surprised that you are billed at 3G rates only.
So no added expense.
You can still have that Macchiato and shop till you drop,knowing that your Airtel 4G data pack is cheap.
You have the support of India's most trusted mobile network that works even in the remotest of places- believe me ,I know how far and remote airtel reaches. That's why I choose Airtel,every time.
Just like this time. My phone is powered with a 4G SIM and it's so fast that I can't make out if it's really on a mobile network data pack.
And even after exiting the mobile connectivity,I'm relaxing.... Because my pre paid balance is still intact.
That calls for a happy dance.

Try it for yourself.
Log on to and use your 4G ready device to experience the SUPERFAST speed internet access with your 3G pack. Place a request on the website and your nex 4G ready SIM will be home delivered -free of charge.

Check out the new TVC and accept the challenge.
If your network is faster, Airtel will pay your mobile bills for life.

So what are you waiting for???


pankaj said...

Its very interesting post, good job

Videocon Telecom plans to offer 4G data at 2G/3G rates to encourage early adoption, and will be offering bundled devices as well.Videocon Telecom in a press release said that, "it to invest over Rs 1200 crore for rollout of 4G services in 29 cities of these circles in the next three years.

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