Thursday, August 20, 2015

Penang Food Trail of Authentic Char Kuay Teow and Cendol

The most interesting bit of my Malaysian Holiday was the trip to Penang. I know This was a shopping trip ,but my shopping was more of the curios kind. More of that later.

The most authentic Malaysian meal was the one we sampled at Georgetown,Penang.
Just like our desi home style dhaba eateries, this one dished out the most fabulous stuff.
I had sampled Char Kuay Teow at KL and once before at a Malaysian Food festival in a hotel. I can safely say, this was by far the best. 
Inspiring me to try out something similar.
So now that I have been reading about it, our Tour Guide John Khor knew his stuff.

This Mom and Pop joint serves the best.
We tried the Cendol-appropriate for the summertime heat.
After sampling this the third time,I still couldn't get over the Rajma-red Kidney beans in a sweet.
All I could think of was the spiciest curry served with rice or tortillas being dunked into mince spiked Red kidney bean Chilli.

Char Kuay teow and nutmeg drink

enjoy the char kuay teow and see the size of the sprouted mung bean

Laksa,super spicy fish soup.
So I'll pass.
Then the Char Kuay Teow.
Served in a plastic plate and banana leaf,the thing that stood out were the jumbo prawns.
And juicy.
And the giant mung bean sprouts.
I have been trying to sprout my mung beans or moong dal forever. But no matter how warm or how dark my chosen spot is, my sprouts are never the Jack and the beanstalk kind-plump and juicy.
These were.
the right way to use chopsticks
And according to John Khor,our tour guide ,these were OK, I should see the giant ones.

If the place had been crowded ,I would have fallen off the plastic chair.
And to cut the spicy heat ,nutmeg drink. This is a syrup that is made of boiling the outer soft nutmeg fruit and sugar almost 8 hours.
It was sweet ,fizzy and nice. I checked up,remember ,I am DIY mad.

jumbo prawns and fried tofu-boring
And this was rojak.
Fried and served with a sweet shrimp sauce and crushed peanuts.
But I went back to the Char Kuay Teow.
she knows whos the boss!

The little lady who made this had a surprising amount of energy ,considering her wrinkle lined face. And the poor husband in the blue Tshirt was just being bossed around. At least that's what it sounded like. They were speaking the Hokkien dialect of Chinese here.

Similar stuff was up for grabs at the Perisian Gurney Food drive,Penang.
Only,by the time we reached they were cleaning up. So we had to just make do with the 7/11 store.

More coming up on what you must eat while in Malaysia.

So what are you baking today???


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Until the next


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